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New World: How To Prepare For Season 4? - 5 Ways

Posted: Dec 12, 2023

Posted: Dec 12, 2023

Source:  IGGM

If you’re looking for ways to prepare for Season 4 of New World, then this guide is for you. I believe that after mastering these methods, you can better face the arrival of the new season and easily earn more New World Coins!

New World: How To Prepare For Season 4? - 5 Ways

1. Do Arenas

First things first, if you’re not already level 200 PVP track, you’re going to want to start doing some Arenas and here’s why.

With the recent update coming to Season 4, the overall rewards for doing Arenas is getting nerfed big time by over 50% actually. So, if you actually win a 3v3 Arena, you are awarded 1,200 XP and 500 Salts, which is a big time drop compared to what it previously was.

2. Do OPRs

Same story when it comes to OPRs (Outpost Rush), but a little different.

These aren’t actually getting nerfed, but the current OPR crates are not as good as they will be.

So, start doing some OPRs if you’re bored and just stockpile on these OPR crates because they are going to be buffed big time once Season 4 is PVP live.

3. Do Influence Races

Last but not least, in regards to PVP, it’s 100% worth doing in Influence Races.

Why are they worthwhile? Long story short, the actual caches you get whether it’s a win or a loss from Influence Races will have better rewards also in Season 4.

So, across the board, just save those caches. It’s worth doing these anyway just because you get some easy Faction Tokens as well as PVP XP and it just helps the whole situation there.

Plus, you have a pretty good chance of getting some legendary items. For me, I can pick up probably 6 or 7 legendary items from a huge clump. So, it is totally worth doing, and it’s a good use of time.

4. Craft Artifacts

Next up, we know for a fact that a handful of new artifacts are coming, which means the prices for weapon, armor and jewelry matrix are going to increase.

So, start crafting a few of those and get ready to sell them within the first few days of Season 4.

5. Grind Out More Dark Matter

Last but not least, new artifacts mean more things you have to upgrade.

New World Grind Out More Dark Matter

So, you’re going to want to start grinding out more Dark Matter. You can do this a handful of ways. Check out my previous Dark Matter Farming Guide. It kind of highlights a few more different ways you can accumulate Dark Matter.

But you can really just grind out named bosses, you can do the Sandworm and do M3s. There’s a handful of different ways.

Again, just start stockpiling these Dark Matter because you have to keep in mind you’re going to be using a lot of this with some of the new artifacts that are coming in Season 4.


All in all, there is not a ton of new content coming to Season 4 and what do you do in the meantime?

Here’s just a few quick ways on how you can spend your time playing New World in preparation for Season 4.


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