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New World: 3 Ultimate PvE DPS Builds - Unleash Maximum Damage & Beginner Friendly

Posted: Dec 14, 2023

In this guide, I will bring you the 3 best DPS builds for New World.

Your main goal and your role is to do as much damage as possible. You are also responsible for reviving fallen teammates. All the builds have the same defensive armor and almost the same jewelry setup as melee DPS.

The main difference between them is your artifact choice, so I will cover them and what you need to know about setting up your perfect build.

If you have enough New World Coins, you should definitely make these 3 powerful builds!

New World: 3 Ultimate PvE DPS Builds - Unleash Maximum Damage & Beginner Friendly


Firstly, we will cover the armor and perks you want to focus on.

Currently, the strongest PVE perk setup is Enchanted Ward, Health and four stacks of Refreshing. Most mob and boss attacks are usually light and heavy attacks, therefore. An Enchanted Ward will be the best form of protection.

Alongside the Health perk, you will have a much bigger Health pool to work with in your time and Expeditions, and trials will be much easier. As a third perk, it is flexible and totally up to you. You should be good to go as long as you have four perks of Refreshing in your gear.

As our main armor artifact, you will be using Featherweight. It allows us to wear 2 pieces of heavy armor. You can use it on your head, gloves, or feet. The rest is light armor. In the end, you will end up with 30% more armor than in a normal light equipment load, meaning that we can be a bit more aggressive when it comes to our attributes.

1. Finisher Bleed Build

The first build is the Bleed Rapier build. This is one of the strongest builds that gives the highest DPS of them all.

Rapier scales both from decks in it to bring you one of the deadliest weapons.

With a finisher artifact, you can enhance your damage against bleeding targets by 15% on both weapons. This amazing artifact also has Keen Tondo and Deadly Flourish perks in a gem socket.

The third perk is up to you. I recommend one of the following: Vicious, Keenly Jagged, or Rogue.

This artifact can be farmed in the Elysian Wilds Elite Zone called the Isle of Zurvan, and it is dropped by the boss called Montrapala the Unruled.

There is usually some group farming it or just create 1 yourself. And there is quite a high chance that you will not be alone while trying to take down this giant Mammoth.

I also like putting on a Runeglass of Arboreal Amber. It gives our weapon an elemental damage bonus, and this is very beneficial as our Intelligence perks help us massively. Also, none of the enemies are resistant to Nature Damage.

Your skill tree consists of Tondo, Flourish and Finish, and Flurry. This gives you plenty of damage while stacking up bleeds and then executing the opponent with the finish.

Before we go any further into deeper dive into the build, I have to tell you the biggest minus of this one. There can be only 1 player in your team that can use this build as the bleeds from other rapiers do not stack. So, be wary of how your team is set up.

As your secondary weapon, I like using a spear as it offers good damage, plenty of bleed, and goes alongside the rapier ones.

For my spear of choice, I would use Firepoker. It proves us in power. As the third perk, you can take Bleeding Sweep as it gives a huge bleed.

Spear will also use Runeglass of Arboreal Amber gem.

As for your skills, I like using it like this one. My main abilities are: Sweep, Perforate, and Skewer.

The rotation is simple and deadly. Sweep is the main DMG ability of the spear.

These are the best jewelry that you can wear:

  • Azoth Battery
  • Red Hot Slag
  • Genesis of Life

All of them provide you with defensive options but, most of all, as much damage as possible.

The best amulet I have found is the Azoth Battery. It gives you health and bonus healing to your potions.

As a third perk, you can pick the elemental resistance needed for you to clear mutations. My favorite earring is Genesis of Life. It gives you a Regenerating and Healing Heart perk. As a third perk, you can pick Refreshing or Refreshing Toast.

By far, the best ring I have found is Red Hot Slag, which gives you a much-needed Blood Letting perk, Hearty, and you can take Thrust Damage to make a complete best-in-slot ring.

When it comes to your attributes, go for 350 Dex and then 100 Con and 150 Int. This gives you the highest damage output as your finisher scales of decks.

Top 3 DPS builds for New World

2. Serenity Build

Serenity build is my next recommended build, which revolves around the Great Sword artifact. It offers amazing damage while you are behind your target.

Serenity's unique perk gives you a stacking damage increase. It also has Trenchant Strikes and Trenchant Crits.

With Great Sword's fast and strong heavy attacks, it brings very powerful swings on his enemies. This combination is most effective when you are behind your target, as all melee weapons have a guaranteed crit while you hit your enemies from the back.

The gem I like in my weapon is Cut Pristine Emerald, which gives you bonus damage when the enemy is low on health. You can get Serenity from the PvP track.

The weapon I like to pair it with, as before, is the spear. It is just such a strong weapon. My favorite spear is Firepoker, as it has the best perks that we need. As a third perk, I would take Bleeding Sweep.

Now I know what you will say, that I use the same weapon as in the previous build, but I can't help it. It is just that good. The damage this weapon does is just insane. With the combination with all of the artifacts, you truly have a deadly combination.

This is the skill tree for your spear.

New World Serenity Build

It is the same as in Rapier build: focus on the skills first and then complete it with all of the offensive passives. It offers many strong bleeds, and your combo is very simple.

You use all of the spear skills: Perforate, Sweep and Skewer. Then, you swap back to your giant sword and continue smashing the enemies.

When it comes to jewelry, it is a bit similar to the previous one, as none of the artifacts are truly best in the slot for you:

  • Azoth Battery
  • Privateer's Heriloom
  • Spectral Mythril Earring of the Soldier

Azoth Battery gives you anything you need. As for the ring, something changes, and the best one is the Privateer's Heirloom. It gives us Slash Damage that we need and Hardy that is the best perk.

As a third one, I recommend Leeching for a bit of survivability. For the earrings, I like using Spectral Mythril Earring of the Soldier. It gives us a Regenerating and Healing Heart perk. For me, one of the best perks on this piece of gear.

When it comes to attributes, get 350 Str, 150 Dex, 25 Int, and 100 Con. If you feel too squishy, you can go for 150 Con. I prefer maxing strength over dex as the perks on the strength side are much stronger than on the other.

3. Butcher Bleed Build

If you did not have enough bleed damage build, then here is another one.

Bleeds are very powerful, and this one is quite strong. It utilizes the new sword artifact called The Butcher. With the combination of its unique perk and Hot Red Slag ring, all of your bleeds will be almost at the bleed duration cap, and many of our bleeds are very powerful.

The Butcher itself can be farmed in Dynasty Shipyard Expedition in M1 or higher mutations. With all of its very powerful perks, I would take the gem slot as my final perk slot, and I would take Non-Runeglass Malachite for the gem.

This is the skill tree that I like using. It offers us the most damage possible while still getting the perks of having some defensive passives from the Shield tree.

My secondary weapon is the same as before. The spear is simply too good to pass on. The bleed from the Sweep is the strongest bleed in the game. And with the Butcher and Red Hot Slag ring, it makes it ridiculously powerful.

My favorite spear is called the Firepoker. The third perk I like is the Bleeding Sweep.

As a gem, I would use the Non-Runeglass Malachite.

The skill tree looks like this.

New World Butcher Bleed Build

I like using Sweep for the bleed that you get with the Weapon perk, as well as Perforate and Skewer.

The best jewelry that is very cheap to get, I have found is this one:

  • Azoth Battery
  • Privateer's Heriloom
  • Spectral Mythril Earring of the Soldier

Azoth Battery is the amulet that I have explained in detail already. Next one is Red Hot Slag ring. It is the primary ring to go for if you want to deal bleed damage. Just take Slash Damage as your third perk, and you are good.

My favorite earring has a Regenerative and Healing Heart as its perks. They offer you just so much healing, and you need to be as relying on your healer as much as without them.

When it comes to attributes, I would use the most offensive option with 350 Str, 150 Dex, 25 Int, and 100 Con. This will give the best damage output, in my opinion.

Tips And Tricks

With all the builds covered, I would like to cover some of tips that I have found helpful for you.

First is your Heartrunes. I like using the brutal version of the cannon. Its damage is just insane, and I like seeing huge damage numbers.

However, if you need a defensive option, use Stalward Stoneform.

Gems that I like using in PVE are simple Cut Pristine Opal. They give you general Elemental Resistance. Overall, it will give you less resistance against a certain element, but you won't need to swap them every time you want to do a different mutation.

This, however, is not recommended if you do M3 mutation. There, you need to fully optimize with combat trophies coatings for your weapon, ward potions, and correct gems.

This concludes my best three DPS builds for New World. By all means, they are very powerful, and you can truly pack quite a punch. If you want to do higher-tier mutations, do not forget about using ward potions. Major trophies are necessary as they increase your damage massively.


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