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New World: The Best Strategies To Earn Gold Every Day In Season 3!

Posted: Nov 28, 2023

Posted: Nov 28, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the brand new New World guide. Today I will introduce to you how our level 65 players can get more gold coins in New World.

We all know how difficult it is to farm New World Coins at high levels. Especially after we completed all the side quests like Main Story Quest, it left us with almost no tasks to complete. Unless you’re into some kind of trade, it’s hard to make more money.

In this guide, I will tell you how to earn coins without trading. But you can still do it part time for extra gold.

New World: The Best Strategies To Earn Gold Every Day In Season 3!

Corrupted Breaches

First, you can earn 250 New World Coins by completing Corrupted Breaches every day in New World.

Corrupted Breaches of New World are the portals through which Corrupted invade the area and cause it to deteriorate. They spawn in different areas and you have to clean and destroy them to get rid of corruption. They come in different types, and by destroying these branches, you can get valuable rewards.

To start clearing Corrupted Breaches in New World, you need to be level 20 or above. So make sure to level up your character of whatever activities you’re passionate about doing in the game.

Another thing is Azoth Staff. If you don’t have this staff equipped, you can’t actually close the portal. Azoth Staff has the level required to close certain levels of portals.

Usually, players perform Corrupted Breaches in New World to gain experience points and gold coins faster. Your rewards will depend on the level of Corrupted Breaches. The higher the level, the better the rewards will be for you.

Mastering New World Corrupted Breaches - A Comprehensive Guide

Show Of Strength & Mountain Home

In addition, completing daily PVE and PVP tasks can also help you gain maximum income from Faction reputation and gold. And PVE missions usually provide more gold rewards. While PVE does give you more gold, the difference isn’t huge, so you can choose to do whatever you want.

Completing Show of Strength mission and retrieving Mountain Home’s assets is the easiest way to earn New World Coins.

We can earn 120 gold by retrieving the pre-retrieved Marauders asset from the cliff, and the return area is very close. It’s actually on the way back to this location, so it’s easy.

Then we can complete Show of Strength mission, where you have to find or stay in this area for a certain amount of time, one and a half minutes, and then you can get 40 gold coins. It’s just an easy way to make money.

Of course, there is another mission in Mountain Home. You must retrieve five assets within an area, i.e. search five chests and return the one that gives you the most gold coins. Once completed, the top of the screen will appear.

New World: Show of Strength PVP Quest

Elite Chest

Next, our Elite Chest will give us access to Concealed Vault. However, Concealed Vault may not be available in every Elite Chest.

You can only get these from Elite Chest, and I showed you where to find these Elite Chest. So if you open them, you can get 50-200 gold.

Of course, you can also kill and skin the beasts around the treasure chest to make money. You just toss them into the trading post. Everyone can earn this money as an extra income.

New World: Elite Chest Run Locations

Seasonal Events

In New World Season 3, you can also earn 100-500 gold coins every day through Outpost Rush, Expedition Run, Turkey Terror Event, and some Seasonal Events.

New World Turkey Terror Event is a Seasonal Event that takes place in Aeternum every November. During the event, a giant Turkey will spawn around Aeternum, requiring multiple players to take it down. Once Turkey is killed, players will receive Turkey’s Treasure and can earn 50-200 gold coins every day.

Note that it limited some items you can get to a certain amount per day. This daily limit resets every day on the server’s cooldown reset time.

New World: Turkey Terror Complete Quick Guide

Winter Convergence Festival

Finally, New World’s Winter Convergence Festival will generate trees in settlements, with 12 places. There you can get gifts containing gold coins. It is possible to earn 1100-12200 coins per day. They encourage the community to work together to find other ways to make money in the game.

New World: Winter Convergence Festival Rewards Breakdown

These are the ways I’ve found so far to consistently earn gold in New World Season 3. If gold troubles you, then you must not miss this guide. Good luck!


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