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NBA 2K21 Guide: How Can We Unlock 'The City'?

Posted: Nov 23, 2020

As early as September, the late version of NBA 2K21 has been released, and the Neighborhood has become a part of MyCareer, so in the upcoming next-gen, the most attractive point is that The City replaces Neighborhood. It is worth noting that you will not be able to access The City easily, you need to do a lot to unlock it!

First, you need to create your player and complete the introduction. Then you will start your MyCareer, you will see a menu, scroll down, and you will see an option to go to The City, but you cannot enter it at the moment. You will reach a new area where there are four blacktop courts where you can play on.

How to unlock the city?

To unlock the city, you need to reach a certain MYREP rating and then join in an Affiliation. You will begin with Rookie I. You need to reach the Pro I level of an Affiliation before you can officially access The City.

How to raise rank?

Start with Rookie I, then Rookie II, Rookie III, and after that, you can reach Pro I.

The only way to improve the rank is to participate in the blacktop games, there are three 3V3 courts, the fourth court is divided into two 1V1 games.

If you can win the game, you will get a corresponding number of MYREP points, so your ranking will rise faster. If you lose, but your performance is still wonderful, you can still get some points! So all you need to do is perform well.

Once you reach Pro I, you will be able to choose an Affiliation you like to join and enter The City! Although the next-gen has some changes, the main currency in NBA 2K21 has not changed, so for you, NBA 2K21 MT is still important. If you want to buy NBA 2K21 MT, you can choose to buy it on IGGM.

If you want to know more about NBA 2K21, you can stay tuned to IGGM. We will update relevant news and game games frequently.


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