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  • Genshin Impact: Who Doesn't Love This Rock Girl - Xinyan?

    Dec 03, 2020

    Xinyan is one of the newest playable characters in Genshin Impact. Although she is a four-star character, her popularity is not low, because her rock 'n' roll outfit makes people curious, and many players are attracted by the rivet element on her, which makes her look like a cool girl.

    She is a Pyro user, and her weapon is the claymore. She is excellent in both DPS and damage absorption, and she can also use a shield like tanks, so if she has the best character builds, she is definitely powerful.

    Like Zhongli, you can get Xinyan through the new Gentry of Hermitage Wish. This means you have to spend a lot of Primogens and have enough luck to get them.

    Xinyan's skills are based on fire, and most of her damage is from Normal attacks and Charge attacks, so you need to equip her with weapons and artifacts that can increase her attack stats. Although she also has a shield, protecting is secondary.

    Best Artifacts & Weapons for Xinyan

    The best artifact is the Gladiator's Finale set. If she is equipped with 2 pieces, her Attack will increase by 18%. If equipped with 4 pieces, her Attack damage will increase by 35%.

    As for weapons, the most suitable for her is Wolf's Gravestone, which increases Xinyan's attacks by 20%. If the enemy's health is less than 30%, the Attack stats of teammates will be increased by 40%.

    If you think this 5-star weapon difficult to obtain, then another 3-star weapon - Bloodstained Greatsword is also a good choice. It can increase damage dished out by Pyro to 24%.

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  • Elder Scrolls Online Guide: Ways Of Getting/Using/Upgrading Mounts

    Dec 02, 2020

    In Elder Scrolls Online, mounts are indispensable for players, because you will experience long-distance travel, if you don't have mounts, it will cost you a lot of time. So it's definitely good to have a mount. In the game, there are 10 mounts for you to choose from. They are wolf, dwarf spider, guar, bear, senche, camel, horse, elk, kagouti, nix-oxen.

    You need to unlock the mount first, so heading to the Collections menu, press the U key on the keyboard to access the in-game menu, and select the Collections tab. Select the mount in the Filter By column, and you will see the mounts you have in the game.

    How to get it?

    If you do't have a mount, you can buy one from the stables, and you will see the horse's sign on the map, which is the location of the stables, most of them located outside the major city. Note that if you want to buy some limited edition mounts, you can only go to the Crown Store to buy them!

    How to use?

    Once you have a mount, you can ride it to travel. The premise is that you have to make sure that it is selected under the Collections tab. Then press the H key on the keyboard (view button on the Xbox, hold down the touchpad on the PS4), and you can summon it.

    How to upgrade?

    There are three stats for the mount, the base stats at the beginning, and then you can use Septim, ESO Gold to upgrade it from any stable owner. You can only upgrade your mount every 20 hours. The maximum level of each attribute is 60. Each upgrade will cost you 250 Septim. You can go to the stable owner to upgrade the speed, carry capacity and stamina attributes of your mount, which will be reflected on the mount.

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  • NBA 2K21 Guide: How Can We Unlock 'The City'?

    Nov 23, 2020

    As early as September, the late version of NBA 2K21 has been released, and the Neighborhood has become a part of MyCareer, so in the upcoming next-gen, the most attractive point is that The City replaces Neighborhood. It is worth noting that you will not be able to access The City easily, you need to do a lot to unlock it!

    First, you need to create your player and complete the introduction. Then you will start your MyCareer, you will see a menu, scroll down, and you will see an option to go to The City, but you cannot enter it at the moment. You will reach a new area where there are four blacktop courts where you can play on.

    How to unlock the city?

    To unlock the city, you need to reach a certain MYREP rating and then join in an Affiliation. You will begin with Rookie I. You need to reach the Pro I level of an Affiliation before you can officially access The City.

    How to raise rank?

    Start with Rookie I, then Rookie II, Rookie III, and after that, you can reach Pro I.

    The only way to improve the rank is to participate in the blacktop games, there are three 3V3 courts, the fourth court is divided into two 1V1 games.

    If you can win the game, you will get a corresponding number of MYREP points, so your ranking will rise faster. If you lose, but your performance is still wonderful, you can still get some points! So all you need to do is perform well.

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  • FFXIV: Guide for White Mage Class

    Nov 04, 2020

    White Mage is the original healer in Final Fantasy XIV. It has existed before Scholar and Astrologian and most players still think it is the best healer. But it is not a difficult class to master, it is very friendly for beginners, although it was called "Conjurer" in the early stage.

    Don't worry if you are exposed to healing for the first time, because many of the contents are easy to understand. It is very different from a tank. If you want to use it, you not only need to consider healing your teammates, but also considering output damage. And try to balance the relationship between the two. So we also give some tips in this regard.

    Using Holy correctly

    Holy is a spell that can stun nearby enemies for 4 seconds and cause damage to them. But the downside is that it may also cause some damage to your teammates.

    So, the best way is to use it in mobs. At that time, after the tank gets the aggro under control, make sure to stand in the mob. Once the fighting between tanks stops, stand in the mob and use Holy.

    Healing or Dealing DMG all the time

    When there are no casualties in the team to be healed, White Mage will assist the team to dish out certain damage to the enemy, so as to defeat the enemy faster. So, don't ignore the damage it can cause just because it is a healer.

    Make sure casting Regen on the Tank

    When it comes to White Mage, Regen may first be thought of. Within 18 seconds, it can slowly heal your teammates. With this in mind, White mage usually always casts Regen on the tank. Because tanks need to withstand a lot of damage for the team, they need Regen's help most.

    Using Regenerate at the right time

    Regen is an important skill for White Mage, and if you want to maximize its effect, you'll catch the right time. If you use this skill on your teammates too early, the enemy will see through and they will attack your teammates before they receive healing. This is terrible.

    So you need to wait for the tank to successfully resolve all surrounding enemies before casting Regen.

    Use Swiftcast on your Raise spell

    Swiftcast is a skill that many magic users can use, and its function is to cast a spell instantly. Because of this, Swiftcast should be used with more consideration. For White Mage, using it on Raise is the best choice. Because Raise is the best spell, it can make your team members come back to life quickly, thereby saving your team.

    Although every player has his own strategy, referring to these tips should make you a smoother game experience and better contribute to your team.

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  • Genshin Impact Guide: How To Complete The Astrolabos Chapter Quest

    Oct 31, 2020

    Astrolabos Chapter is one of the contents in Genshin Impact, so how to complete the astrolabos quests? This guide will tell you every step of the way.

    The Astrolabos Chapter Quests is a new content launched on October 26. To unlock this, your Adventure Rank needs to reach 26. Once you meet this requirement, you can successfully complete this task according to the following methods.

    1. You have to find Mona near the Liyue Harbor first, and she will give you a task, which is to let you talk to Mr. Zhu. After that, find Mr.Zhu through the location on the map.

    2. Mr. Zhu will give you a task: Set Elemental Bait down the mountain. Now you need to defeat 3 sets of Slimes. Tips: Bringing different Elements can make you easy to win.

    3. Give the Nephrite Ring to Mr. Zhu. Now go to Wangshu Inn. Talk to Mona in the restaurant. After you find Huai'an, he should be hovering in front of the Inn and he is easy to be recognized. Talking to Haui'an for inquiring the Golden Crab recipe.

    4. Start cooking Golden Crab according to its recipe (5 Bird Eggs, 5 Flour, 4 Crabs and 2 Salt). After you finish, give Golden Crab to Mona. She will tell you how to get to the next place.

    5. Here, you will meet a group of bandits, you need to defeat them. After completion, you will be teleported to near the entrance to Mondstadt. Then a cutscene will play and tell you the quest that you need to defeat Dendro Slimes. Use Fire-based attacks!

    6. Finally, you need to talk to Katheryne - the receptionist of the Adventurers' Guild. Locate a sealed door for the final cutscene.

    Genshin Impact updates regularly, and the specific date for the release of update 1.1 is November 11. There will be 4 new characters appearing, and some new quests. So stay tuned.

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  • Phantasy Star Online 2: How To Get An Auxiliary Partner In It?

    Sep 11, 2020

    Among the many features of Phantasy Star Online 2, there is an Auxiliary partner who can help you in battle. You can level them according to your character, and hang out with them at your home. It can be a bit confusing to figure out how to obtain an Auxiliary, so we will give you some guidance next.

    There are two conditions you must meet. First, you need to upgrade your character to level 20. Second, you must make enough progress with Afin. This will not be too long, because you only need to complete his most basic start orders. Once you complete these two things, Cofy will provide you with an Auxiliary Course order on the ARKS.

    1. You will need to visit ARKS, if you look at Cofy, there is an entrance on your left, and Astarte is behind the counter on the other side of the entrance. Talk to her and she will explain Auxiliaries to you. Listen to her, and then go back to Cofy, who will give you a console that provides furniture for your personal quarters, which will complete the order.

    2. Go to your personal quarters and place the console wherever you want it to go. You can interact with it, but you cannot call any Auxiliary yet.

    3. Now, you can go to the shopping plaza and the salon (the bright pink store) on the second floor. Here, you can access "Manage Auxiliaries". This will take you to a character creation screen where you can create your partner. You will choose a main class, just like you did for your character. After that, you can go back to your personal quarters to interact with the console, and you will see your partner there.

    4. Now, you can choose a sub-class for them, equip them with any weapons you want them to have, and send them to search. Auxiliaries will be with private mini orders, they can complete the upgrade, they can also complete some client orders for you. Of course, the higher the level of the Auxiliary, the more likely they are to complete the orders.

    Now you can have your own Auxiliary to pal around with all you want in the Phantasy Star Online 2 world!

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  • Final Fantasy XIV: How To Get Modern Aesthetics - Saintly Style

    Sep 10, 2020

    Although we will not see any new main story content in FFXIV for the time being, there is still a lot of content for players to immerse in while waiting. Patch 5.31 has been released and it brings a bunch of new cosmetic items for players to collect.

    If you have been keeping up with Final Fantasy XIV, you will know that a large number of Modern Aesthetic items have been released throughout the life cycle so far. These items allow you to unlock new hairstyles at the aesthetician, and you can change up the style of your character whenever you want.

    With the release of patch 5.31, a new Modern Aesthetics item has been released, but a fair warning: you need to have been keeping up with the Ishgard Restoration quests in order to get it.

    If you have completed these quests and turned in the required items and materials, you should now have a pretty good inventory of Skybuilders' Scrips, which is the currency you need to buy the new hairstyle.

    Speak with Enie at the Firmament, located at X: 12, Y: 14, and purchase the item called Modern Aesthetic- Saintly Style. This will cost you 1,800 Skybuilders' bills, which is not a small sum. Once you have bought it, select and use it from your inventory. After that, you only need to visit any inn room in the game and interact with the crystal ball to summon the aesthetician, and you can get a new hairstyle from there.

    If you happen to want to change the hairstyle of your character in FFXIV, this guide should be useful to you. If you are interested in the game FFXIV, you can bookmark IGGM's news page, we will update the game news or game guides about FFXIV frequently.

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  • FFXIV Heavensward: How To Get The Best Equipment?

    Sep 05, 2020

    The extended free trial and the supplementary first expansion make FFXIV even more popular. Patch 5.3 provides new storyline quests, including a closer look at the Dwarven Beast Tribe. This update also brings flying mounts to Eorzea, which leads to changes in the content of the previous jumping puzzles. Players will be surprised to find that they have a new job when they reach level 60. Regardless of their experience, a fully geared character can make it easier for them to start the Stormblood dungeon.

    Acquired Items In FFXIV

    Some level 60 items will be distributed as rewards and prizes. After Stormblood was released, some options were updated to include Samurai and Red Mage weapons, but this does not apply to Gunbreakers or Dancers.

    Main Story

    Players that go through the main scenario quests introduced in patch 3.2 The Gears of Change will have the opportunity to select item level 240 Augmented Primal equipment as rewards. These are divided into six coffer sets: The first contains weapons for tanks or Samurai; the second between Monk, Dragoon, Ninja, or Paladin's shield; the fourth among Bard, Machinist, Black Mage, or Summoner; the fourth is weapons for healers or Red Mage. For the first armor set options are for tanks, Dragoons, Ninjas, or Monk/Samurai. The final armor selection is among casters, rangers, and healers.

    Filibuster's Dungeons

    There are two dungeons that both drop item level 245 Filibuster's armor. Sohm Al (Hard) can be unlocked from the quest The Fires of Somh Al by Gossamer Moogle in Idyllshire x:4, Y:8.5. Baelsar's Wall requires completing the main story quest Griffin, Griffin on the Wall from patch 3.5 and leads to Stormblood. Each dungeon has 7 chests scattered around the area or dropped by bosses.

    Anima Relics

    Like A Realm Reborn, the expansion features its own type of Relic ranging from item level 170 Animated to 275 Lux weapons. This will start with the quest An Unexpected Proposal from Rowena in Idyllshire. The upgrade includes a long list of goals that can include FATEs, destroying a Zodiac Zeta, completing quests of the Beast Tribe, Alexander raids, repeating the Crystal Tower, running the daily roulettes, and revisiting dungeons and trial crossing A Realm Reborn And Heavensward.

    Warring Triad

    Players can meet with Unukalhai via the quest Gods of Eld from Torsefers in the Pillars. After completing patch 3.1, there will be a follow-up quest When the Bough Wakes from Unukalhai. This will pit one against the Warring Triad from Final Fantasy VI. The standard trials don't give any special rewards but will grant access to Extreme variants with weapon drops. Sephirot has item level 220 Sephirot weapons, Sophia with item level 255 Sophic weapons, and Zurvan with item level 265 Zurvanite weapons. Totems will also drop, which can be traded to Bertana in Idyllshire for specific rewards.


    Alexander is an 8-man raids series, unlocked from the quest Disarmed from Slowfix in Ldyllshire. Players can first enter the normal difficulty of Gordias, Midas and The Creator. These dropped tarnished parts can be traded to Sabina in Idyllshire for Prototype gear of item level 190, 220, 250. Each layer has a Savage difficulty, the hardest content is in Heavensward. Rewards include versions of Gordian, Midan and Alexandrian armor at items level 210, 240 and 270.

    Mhachi and Proto Ultima

    Heavensward's 24-man raid is about the voidsent Mhachi society featured in the Black Mage and White Mage questlines. The first part can be unlocked from the quest Sky Pirates given by Unquiet Trader in The Pillars Airship Landing. These quests will unlock Void Ark with item level 200 Void Ark armor, The Weeping City of Mhach plus item level 230 Yafaemi, finally Dun Scaith and item level 260 Diabolic gear.

    After completing Dun Scaith the first time, players can undergo the repeatable quest Unidentified Flying Object from Slipslix in Idyllshire. By defeating Proto Ultima mini-boss in Dun Scaith, players can earn item level 270 Proto Ultima accessories. Patch 5.3 removed the previous weekly restriction on this quest.

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  • FFXIV: The Way To Unlock The Copied Factory

    Aug 31, 2020

    By 2020, Final Fantasy XIV has received a steady amount of updates. Update 5.3 focuses on improving the old extensions, such as the streamlined A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.

    Starting in patch 5.1, players can use the YoRHA Dark Apocalypse raid series, starting with The Copied Factory. With the release of 5.3, heroes can now enter the second phase, the Puppet's Bunker. In these raids, fans of Nier Gestalt/Replicant and Nier Automata were provided with many cameos and Easter eggs, which even included outfits that can be worn no matter which race or gender combination players have selected.

    Unlocking The Copied Factory

    Players must reach level 80 and have completed the main story quest Shadowbringers, which requires completing the dungeon Amaurot and trial The Dying Gasp. You also need to complete a side quest chain, starting with the level 70 quest Word About Korma from the Gossipy Dwarf within Kholusia X: 12.9, Y: 8.7. This will lead to more quest A Scandals in Korma and On the Threshold, from Gossip Dwarf and Dig Site Chef, which will unlock the first Nier raid, The Copy Factory.

    The Copy Factory Requirements

    This mega 24-man, three-party raid requires a minimum item level of 435. A fresh level 80 that has just cleared Amaurot will only be item level 430 or less. There are a few options, including spending acquired Allagan Tomestones to acquire Deepshadow or Crystarium armor and weapons; complete Eden's normal raid series for Edengate and Edencall items; or farm storyline dungeons like The Grand Cosmos, Anamnesis Anyder, or The Hero's Gauntlet. Those that have already cleared the Stormblood Ivalice raid series can gain a free item level 485 weapon by speaking to Keiten in Kogane Dori X: 12.3, Y: 12.2 and completed the quests starting with Hail to the Queen.

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