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Monster Hunter Rise Guide: How To Mount Monsters?

Posted: Mar 29, 2021

Wyvern Riding is one of the most important contents in Monster Hunter Rise. This article will show you how to mount and control any monster in the game. In the previous Monster Hunter, players were able to mount monsters for a limited time. In MH Rise, you can ride and control the movement of monsters. When you are riding a monster, you can only do what you need to do in a limited time. This is great for walking around, dealing with other monsters, or experiencing one of the best additions in the game.

How to mount monsters

In order to ride a monster, you need to set the monster in a mountable state. You can achieve this premise in many ways:

* Puppet Spiders: This is an Endemic Life, it will immediately set the monster in a mountable state. You will be able to find them scattered on the map. You just need to add them to your inventory.

* Silkbind and Wire Bug Aerial Attacks: Continue to use Silkbind and Wirebug attacks can weaken the enemy and increase the chance of the enemy falling into a mountable state.

* Monster vs. Monster: You can use the environment to make monsters fight against each other. When they fight, one of the monsters will get into a mountable state.

Now it is mountable, you just need to approach the monster and select the prompt. Now, you will be able to explore the remaining of on the map for a short while on the back of the said creature. You may need to try several times to get used to the new controls of this game.

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