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Monster Hunter Rise Guide: How To Defeat The Great Wroggi?

Posted: Mar 26, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise is released today. I bet many players can't wait to access the game, so we also want to provide players with some guides as much as possible. This article will tell you how to beat the great Wroggi.

The Great Wroggi

It is a large bird wyvern that travels in groups with regular Wroggis. You will find them in the Flooded Forest. The great Wroggi and small Wroggi will attack you, which is very dangerous, so you need to take them seriously.

How to defeat the Great Wroggi

Its weakness is the head, so you need to focus on attacking there, and small Wroggis can be dealt with by your pet. When attacking it, be careful of its deadly attack.

Avoid Poison Attack

The Great Wroggi will attack you with poison, which is purple color toxic mist. This mist will only last a few seconds, so you just need to stay away from it, avoid the poison and then you can attack it.

Use an Antidote

In this battle, you'd better take some antidotes, in case you are hit by poison. When you want to use an antidote, you can make your pet divert wroggi's attention.

Ride your Palamute

At a certain point, The Great Wroggi may want to escape. At this time, Palamute can play its role. You can ride it to follow Wroggi, and you can collect different items along the way.

Defeat the Great Wroggi

At this time, you can continue to attack it with your pet, and the Great Wroggi will come to an end.

After that, you can collect different body parts from the Great Wroggi, and then you can go back to the village.

With the release of Monster Hunter Rise, IGGM will also provide more game guides and news, so you can pay more attention to IGGM in the future.

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