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Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Get Dragonbone Relic?

Posted: Apr 06, 2021

It has been a while since the release of Monster Hunter Rise, and some players should have begun to experience the new content provided by the sixth installment. For example, Wyvern riding and Endemic Life are new features in MH Rise. Because the game is in its early stages, there is more content waiting for you to explore.

In MH Rise, one of the items you need to obtain is Dragonbone Relic. If you want to unlock the Dragonbone tree in the smithy menu, then Relic is essential. There are many ways to get Dragonbone Relic, and you can get it according to your wishes.

Unlock High Rank Quests

You need to continue at the quest counter and unlock High Rank hub quests. Once you unlock these quests, you will be able to complete the Tour of the Islands quest. In this quest, you can find Dragonbone Relic and complete the Dragonbone Smithy tree.

You can unlock High Rank quests by completing the main quest at the quest counter. After a few hours of gameplay, you should be able to access all the quests and you need to start looking for Dragonbone Relic. If you don't unlock the quest, bone pile will still spawn, but Relic will not appear in the loot. So unlocking these tasks is crucial.

Frost Islands

After unlocking the first two High Rank quests, you will enter the Frost Islands. The map has a wealth of new areas to explore, including a place where you can find Dragonbone Relic. You can travel between zones 7,5,8, and 10.

Just hit the west of zone 8 on the east side of the pool, you can find and get Dragonbone Relic. You should look for bone piles in that area. They will be located on top of sandy mounds that are surrounded by water. In one of these piles, you will find Dragonbone Relic.

What the Relic can be used for?

Once you get Relic, you will be able to craft armor and weapons, and upgrade these items at the smithy. You can use a few different materials to upgrade the Ash Drache melee weapon, including Dragonbone Relic.

After the bone pile is respawned, you can collect more Relics by revisiting this site. This process can be repeated, and you can collect multiple Relics for smithy to upgrade. You need two Relics, Carbalite Ore, and Magna Ghostorism to upgrade this Ash Drache.

For more MH Rise-related news or game instructions, you can check it out on IGGM.

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