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Many New Heroes Appeared In The World Plays ESO Event

Posted: Sep 03, 2021

The World Plays ESO released some interesting statistics. In this event, players experienced the entire MMORPG. They created a lot of impressive statistics, including 34 million PvP kills.

ZeniMax Online Studios released an infographic highlighting some interesting stats. Since the start of World Plays ESO, more than 10 million houses have been purchased by players, 2.5 million antiquities have been discovered, and more than 780 trials have run.

What is impressive is that this event also produced more than 1 billion monsters killed by participants. In addition, the infographic shows that players created 667K heroes throughout the event, among which the most popular race is High Elf, and players are more inclined to the Sorcerer class.

World Plays ESO started earlier this summer and lasted several months. From the beginning of ESO to the content of the latest chapter Blackwood, ESO content creators need to complete part of the game content. You can join streamers through content, you can also participate in the event through dungeons, PvP events, etc., all of which are highlighted on Bethesda, Twitch channels.

The number of ESO players is also increasing, which also proves that the game has been developing in the right direction. So players also expect that this game will introduce more new content and new features in the future. IGGM will always pay attention to ESO-related information and will provide the corresponding ESO Gold. If you are also an ESO player, you can pay more attention to the related news released by IGGM.


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