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Last Epoch: Efficient Leveling Strategies To Reach Level 100 With Ease

Posted: Mar 04, 2024

This method offers the quickest path to reaching Level 100 in Last Epoch, starting from Level 1. Additionally, it can expedite the leveling process for alternate characters. These strategies and techniques are designed to facilitate a smooth journey to Level 100.

Last Epoch: Efficient Leveling Strategies To Reach Level 100 With Ease

Rapidly Leveling To 50 Through Main Campaign Skip

In Last Epoch, there are numerous methods to significantly boost your experience gain, potentially allowing you to bypass the need to complete the entire campaign. 

Firstly, I'll explain the main campaign skip technique, which enables rapid leveling up to 50.

Upon starting the game, you'll find yourself in The Old Road Cliffs during the Divine Era. Most of the campaign can indeed be bypassed, but you must reach a certain point before doing so. Initially, your first character must fully complete the campaign. However, subsequent characters created after this will have the option to skip most of the campaign. Here's how:

Once you hit level 15, you'll unlock the End of Time for your new character. Progressing to around level 20 or 22, you'll venture into the Ruined Era. Here, you'll locate the Lightless Arbor Dungeon, a level 22 dungeon. It's not necessary to have completed this dungeon previously - completion of the main quest line suffices. You'll need a Lightless Arbor Key for access.

As long as both characters are in the same area, regardless of being on cycle, offline, or legacy, you should be able to obtain one of these keys from your main. These keys commonly drop from various sources, particularly Monoliths. So, if you plan to create a new character after reaching level 50 with your main, ensure to run Monoliths to acquire several keys.

Once your main character reaches level 22, and you're prepared to bypass a substantial portion of the campaign, simply locate one of your Lightless Arbor Keys obtained from your main. Right-click on it, and you'll be directed to the dungeon. If you encounter any issues, you can manually navigate there from a waypoint. Upon arrival, proceed to the door, input your Lightless Arbor Key, and complete the dungeon. You'll find yourself in the Imperial Era afterward, granting access to the Soulfire Bastion Dungeon.

The process repeats similarly for this dungeon. Acquire a Soulfire Bastion Key from your main, journey to the dungeon, and complete it. Subsequently, you'll be transported back to the Divine Era. Further progression will lead you to The Shining Cove in the Imperial Era. Upon reaching level 31, passing through a time rift located at The Shining Cove will take you to the Ruined Era, specifically to the Ruined Coast.

Last Epoch Soulfire Bastion Dungeon

Commence Your First Monolith Journey

At this stage, it's usually around level 30 to 35. So you've accumulated a certain amount of Last Epoch Gold and your character should be equipped with semi-decent gear. Next, you'll begin your initial Monolith run starting with Fall of the Outcasts.

You might be concerned about the challenge ahead, even at this level range. However, the leveling pace is significantly faster compared to completing the entire campaign. It's advisable to prioritize your highest resistances, choose areas where you anticipate favorable outcomes, and engage in battles against easier or weaker foes rather than confronting particularly challenging bosses in certain Echoes.

Sometimes, focusing on swiftly completing objectives to maximize XP gains is essential. Despite encountering occasional setbacks, this approach proves to be much quicker than traversing the entire campaign. Through consistent Monolith runs, you can easily progress to levels 50 or even 55 from this point onwards.


The subsequent significant inquiry pertains to obtaining your passive point rewards and Idol slot rewards, visible in the bottom left corner of the screen. At this juncture, you likely possess only half of these rewards, if you're fortunate.

However, there exists a straightforward method to acquire the remaining rewards swiftly, enabling you to fully maximize your character's potential by attaining all passive points and Idol slots.

Upon reaching the Ruined Era and navigating to the Ruined Coast, you'll encounter The Temporal Sanctum Dungeon. By this point, you should have acquired keys for accessing this dungeon, allowing you to embark on a run through it. Upon completion, you'll be transported back to the Divine Era. This marks yet another significant campaign bypass, placing you just outside the Maj'elka Upper District, where the Circle of Fortune and the Merchant's Guild are accessible. You can make your decision regarding which path to pursue from this point.

Furthermore, it's crucial to complete the concluding quest titled "Apophis and Majasa" to obtain additional skill points and rewards from defeating them. Additionally, complete the main quests such as The Radiant Dunes, along with any side quests available in the Maj'elka Upper District. By diligently completing these quests, you'll progress through the main quest line to Majasa and ultimately max out your passive point rewards and Idol slots.

In summary, leveraging the campaign skip method facilitates faster leveling and the acquisition of all Idol and passive points. Once achieved, you can focus on engaging in races and completing the Monolith for endgame content.

Last Epoch Idols


Additionally, regarding leveling, there are a few more tips worth mentioning.

In the Fall of the Outcasts Monolith, your initial Monolith endeavor, you'll encounter the option to acquire increased experience through Blessings. I consistently opt for this choice, as it doesn't significantly impact other selections available.

Integrate A Movement Skill Into Your Character's Build

Another effective strategy for leveling in Last Epoch involves incorporating a movement skill into your build. 

Regardless of your chosen build or whether you're experimenting with different approaches, nearly every class and specialization in the game offers a movement skill.

For instance, Warlocks have Transplant as their movement skill. I've personally utilized this skill since the outset of my Warlock journey, investing points into it as I progressed through levels. This ability allows me to traverse the map swiftly, expediting content completion. Naturally, the faster your movement speed, the quicker you can navigate through early-game content and level up simultaneously, making this aspect highly significant.

Early Movement Speed Buff

Ensure that your boots are equipped with Movement Speed, specifically opting for a pair that offers double Movement Speed. This entails having Movement Speed as both an implicit effect and an affix.

Here's a straightforward tip: rather than waiting to chance upon suitable boots, if you already possess a main character at this stage, you likely have Runes of Ascendance. Utilize these runes on your new character by acquiring any pair of boots available. Apply the Rune of Ascendance from your main or lower-level character to elevate these boots to legendary status. 

Legendary boots commonly provide dual sets of increased movement speed, along with other beneficial effects ideal for early-game progression. This facilitates a swift increase in movement speed right from the outset. Additionally, unique greens may also feature movement speed bonuses, offering alternative options to enhance your mobility.

Empowered Monoliths

Once you reach level 50 and have completed your initial Monolith, you can continue leveling rapidly. As you progress to the Spirits of Fire, The Last Ruin, and The Age of Winter Monoliths, refrain from engaging in Corruption until all three are unlocked.

Upon completing these Monoliths, you'll gain access to the level 100 version of the Corrupted Monolith for each. This advancement enables you to access level 100 content directly, facilitating even faster leveling due to the higher level cap and increased XP yield.

A helpful strategy for Monoliths involves focusing initially on advancing through the Monolith until your Stability reaches the third lock, known as the Quest Echo Unlock. This lock corresponds to the main quest line for that particular Monolith. Once unlocked, proceed to complete all three quest Echoes. Given the goal of leveling quickly, there's no need to revisit these Echoes repeatedly. Instead, upon unlocking the third quest, complete all Echoes and move on to the next Monolith. Return later to tackle the empowered version.

During Echo encounters, combat with enemies is inevitable. To expedite progress, utilize movement abilities and speed, especially during early Echoes, to swiftly reach the quest objective. Prioritize completing the main quest within each Echo to maximize your progression, allowing you to tackle more Echoes and complete more Monoliths efficiently.


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