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Interesting Side Quests in WOTLK Classic

Posted: Nov 11, 2022

For WOW players, tons of vivid lore and history in Northrend must be one of the reasons why The Wrath of the Lich King could on the video game's peak 15 years ago. Now in WOTLK Classic, you can rewind your memories and enjoy those story telling once again in your adventure.

The epic quests available on the continent are often connected to the legend of Prince Arthas, the Fall of Lordaeron, and the rise of the Scourge. However, not everyone is into the heavy lore, and the mates at Blizzard who write the quests understand that, Thus, there are also plenty of adventures available throughout Northrend that are not connected to the tale of Arthas, or a long and involved chain, but are still just as fun. So today I would like to introduce some interesting quests with good rewards that you can not miss in WOTLK Classic, you can also farm some WOTLK Classic Gold there as well.

Interesting Side Quests in WOTLK Classic213

"Scoodles"- Howling Fjord
This quest is in the last of a series that includes the Kalu'ak people of Howling Fjord, the Vyrkul, and a band of comical pirates. Most of these quests reward Kalu'ak rep and take place within a small area off the coast of Howling Fjord, so they're worth doing no matter what.

These quests in the "Scoodles" chain have little to do with the lore and involve tasks like catching a frog and roughing up the local vendor for a debt. The last in the chain involves a naughty orca named Scoodles, who's eaten the local vendor's precious scrying crystal. The mission is to slay the orca and return the precious crystal.

Of Keys And Cages - Howling Fjord

Here is another quest in Howling Fjord, this quest is available to both Horde and Alliance players, they just have to get it from different NPCs in their own cities. The quest is part of a short series of two, which in turn forms the central plot of a much longer storyline, and it's easy to stumble over this quest as the player goes further west.

Although the Forsaken might be talked into it, freeing captives that are meant as human sacrifices is something that both Horde and Alliance can agree on. It's also a nice way to gather cloth and other handy items from humanoid enemies at an early point in the grind between 70 and 80.

It Could Be Anywhere! - Shalozar Basin

This is one of those handy quests that's easy to finish by accident while doing other quests. Not only is it simple but also kind of romantic, and it's one of the few quests in Shalozar Basin not directly related to Hemet Nesingwary or the Oracle or Frenzyheart factions.

Find the aptly named Chad at the Nesingwary Base Camp. He's followed his lady love into the wild with an engagement ring in hand, but now he's lost it. Some animal on the basin has it, and while killing both humanoids and animals for other quests it's bound to turn up.


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