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Honkai Star Rail: Ranking Of Playable Imaginary Characters - Yukong, Welt & Luocha

Posted: Jun 26, 2023

Imaginary is an uncommon element in Honkai Star Rail, but its corresponding character is very powerful. After the release of Honkai Star Rail, Imaginary as an element that is difficult for players to access, it is also a five-star character, which you can obtain from Honkai Star Rail's gashapon system or character events.

Honkai Star Rail Imaginary Characters

Fortunately for you, after the update, Honkai Star Rail introduced two new fictional characters, Luocha and Yukong. It is worth mentioning that Yukong will be provided free of charge to all Honkai Star Rail players in the next version update, which can greatly increase the number of visits to this element of Yukong. So when the player encounters a boss like Kafka, its imagination is weak, so choosing this element is very beneficial to overcome this type of challenge.

Something About Imaginary Characters

Imaginary Characters of Honkai Star Rail are similar to Quantum Characters explained before. The destruction effect of the weakness is very helpful for team combat. It can slow down the enemy's actions and cause damage to the enemy. In team battles, the player's advantage will be very obvious, especially in the face of opponents with weaker imagination elements.

But at the same time, each character has its own advantages and disadvantages, which makes the ranking order between them extremely important.

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Ranking List

3. Yukong

Yukong is the only 4-star Imaginary character right now, and he fits in well with the rest of the team. Yukong is a Harmony path character, mainly attacking and supporting in normal battles. Its ultimate boosts the team's Crit Rate and Crit DMG, and is capable of powerful imaginary damage to a single target. Secondly, it can increase the attack power effect of team members, and can play a buff effect.

Honkai Star Rail Yukong

It is worth mentioning that Yukong's buff effect is very strong, and its buff effect is based on its Trace levels. Note, however, that Yukong's buffs don't last very long, so be careful when managing skill points. Yukong's buff lasts for two rounds, so if you want it to exert its maximum power, you need to arrange strategic speed and action order management properly. Make sure it's faster than the main DPS unit in the sequence of actions, but it can pose a challenge when it comes to fast characters like Seele.

2. Welt

Welt is also an Imaginary Character. His biggest advantage lies in reducing the speed of the enemy, which is very effective in team battles. In addition, Welt can also be used as a sub-DPS. If you have Welt members in your team, then your team's attacks have priority. The best combination with Welt is Asta, Asta can increase the speed of the entire team, coupled with Welt slows down the enemy's speed, the team can quickly occupy the offensive power and defeat the enemy before they attack.

Honkai Star Rail Welt

For players, however, Welt's main downside is the need to maximize its stats, so players need to focus on various types of stats. Still, Welt is a strong Imaginary Character that players can choose for a long time. You can learn more about this Character in Honkai Star Rail Accounts.

1. Luocha

When Honkai Star Rail game was released, the characters in the game were relatively single, which also made it impossible for many players to explore more challenging content, such as in the later stages of Forgotten Hall.The addition of Luocha also provides another way of healing for many players, especially for players who did not get Bailu character and do not want to wait for other healing characters to be released.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha

Luocha not only has excellent healing ability, but its equipment can also bring additional effects to the team. Luocha can dispel team debuffs, which is very similar to Natasha, and Luocha will change with its attack power, and it can launch strong attacks in certain situations. But at the same time, Luocha also has its limitations. Its healing function is limited to a single target. Compared with other healers, Luocha has weaker vitality and is easier to be knocked down, but it is still a good Imaginary Characters.


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