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Honkai Star Rail: Predictions For The Next Element Of Trailblazer! - Paths & Light Cones

Posted: Jun 19, 2023

We all know Physical Trailblazer, Fire Trailblazer, Hunt Trailblazer, and Abundance Trailblazer. Their skills and effects are excellent. So many players are guessing what the next element of Trailblazer will be.

Here are a few options that I understand. Let’s find out! We left Belobog almost in Blaze of Glory, which gave us a lot more room for speculation about the protagonist’s next big power-up. But in order for us not to just grab at straws here, we’d better start from scratch.

Honkai Star Rail: What's next for the Trailblazer?

Evidence: Herta Light Cones

First, let’s look at some of the evidence we have so far. Back at Herta’s Space Station, Simulated Universe’s store gave us three free 5-StarLight Cones to choose from. They are Destruction Light Cones - On the Fall of an Aeon, Preservation Light Cones - Texture of Memories and Hunt Light Cones - Cruising in the Stellar Sea.

Based on this, after careful research and analysis, we can assume that since we already have a Destruction Trailblazer with the option to use On the Fall of an Aeon, and a Preservation Trailblazer that can be paired with Texture of Memories. Then it’s safe to assume the next Trailblazer could be Hunt Trailblazer that could be paired with Cruising in the Stellar Sea.

Honkai Star Rail: Herta Light Cones

Story Analysis

But you might be thinking, isn’t that too obvious? So, next, let’s analyze it from the perspective of the story.

At Herta’s Space Station, we were first penetrated by Kafka. I mean, we were first given the powers of Destruction after a brief encounter with Destruction Nanook. At the same time, it is worth noting that the enemy we encounter here is the antimatter army led by Nanook. So we can label Herta’s Space Station as Physical Destruction world here.

Next, we were on Jarilo-VI. After another near-death event, another Aeon, Aeon of Preservation gave us the power of Fire and Preservation. Note again that the enemies we encountered in this world were mostly defensive variants. So here we can tag Jarilo-VI with Fire Preservation.

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Now finally, since the story is not yet told, we can deduce it from the information we have so far. We follow and worship Aeon of Hunt. However, most of the major enemies we encounter actually come from Aeon of Abundance.

Their ability to rejuvenate and sustain through active and passive healing evidences this. If we follow the pattern of previous worlds, we can deduce that the next Trailblazer’s power-up might just come from Path of Abundance.

Honkai Star Rail: What Will Be The Next Path The MC Gets?

Element Predictions

Now, in addition to Paths, there is the question of what the next Elements are. Looking at the first two worlds gives us Physical and Fire, and they roughly relate to the design of each world. So, with that in mind, Wind is likely to be the next target.

However, a second, less obvious option is Imaginary. There are countless Mara-Struck Soldiers in Luofu. Maybe our Trailblazer can also inherit this element. After all, if you chose to take the pill from Dan Shu during Sinners Misled quest, Mara would technically shoot you.

Honkai Star Rail: Element Guide

To Sum It Up

Anyway, we can infer some combinations. But Wind Hunt Trailblazer is much less likely, as I don’t think HoYoverse would want more of the genre so early in the game’s life cycle.

Because you know, Dan Heng and the upcoming Luocha are Imaginary Abundance. So that leaves only Wind Abundance and Imaginary Hunt. Of course, to be on the safe side, you can also use some Honkai Star Rail Accounts with Lightning or Ice attributes. This way you can more easily deal with the next changes.


But honestly, we can also assume that just because we’re in a new world doesn’t mean we get a new energy boost. This could mean that Luofu might just be a long-haul stop. This is actually a very likely outcome.


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