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Honkai Star Rail: Which Character Is More Worthy Of Your Pull? - Kafka, Luocha & Blade Analysis

Posted: Jun 21, 2023

Are you looking at guides day in and day out to see who really deserves your pick? Or are you still saving gems for some questionable reason?

So today I will introduce the next three roles, Kafka, Luocha, Blade. We’ll discuss what new things they’re bringing to Honkai Star Rail, and how they’re going to change the meta.

Honkai Star Rail: Which Character Is More Worthy Of Your Pull? - Kafka, Luocha, Blade Analysis

What Does Luocha Do? & Why To Pull Him?

Luocha is our next 5-star character, arriving on June 28th. He is an Imaginary Abundance unit. He can heal allies or deal AOE Imaginary damage. What he brings to Honkai Star Rail is a whole new kind of treatment.

Natasha and Bailu are outside of their ults and only heal when it’s their turn. But Luocha will heal, as long as you have his Talent. Luocha can heal with his skills, and any ally’s attack will heal your team a little. Just like Fire Trailblazer, this means you can plug in an ally’s Ultimate to heal your entire team.

Your DPS one shooting abilities will provide team utility when Luocha is on the field. And of course, his healing skills are powerful, too. And he also offers Cleansing, which Bailu doesn’t.

His Ultimate also has the best AOE buff removal in the game, and it is twice as high as Pela’s single-target buff removal. He offers massive utility on top of massive healing. His healing also scales with his attacks, meaning he can pack a little DPS on top of the rest.

If you lack Bailu or Gepard, then I would recommend you to choose Luocha. His pull value is very high. Even with Bailu, he brought a lot of things that she couldn’t.

Also, Imaginary units are very rare. It’s great that Luocha has that option compared to other Imaginary-Weak characters, and Imaginary Break can be very useful in delaying enemies and slowing them down.

For those strong enemy damage buffs, his extra Imaginary Break, Cleansing, and enemy buff removal should allow your team to survive tough content pretty well.

Honkai Star Rail: Why Players Should Pull for Luocha?

What Does Kafka Do? & Why To Pull Her?

Next, let’s discuss Kafka. She is a Lightning Nihility unit. What she brings to Honkai Star Rail is a DoT detonation, which means she can trigger damage over time effects that deal damage instantly. This will solve a major problem for DoT teams.

With Kafka, their damage takes effect on every turn of Kafka. She also provides her own damage over time, at a very high rate.

Finally, she has strong Toughness damage, and her gear is purely damage-based with some follow-through. She’s definitely going to shake up the meta, as having her can introduce more team changes by enabling any current and future DoT characters.

If you don’t like DoT style of play, then Kafka might not be for you. But since she changed how DoTs work, you might like having her DoTs on your roster.

If you really like DoT, then she is a must pull. She’s going to make these teams more fun and very dynamic. She’s not a standard hypercarry like Seele or Jing Yuan, but a strong DPS. She can deliver insane damage depending on your teammates.

She will also appear alongside Luka. We expect Luka to provide some physical DoT effects as a Physical Nihility unit. Remember Break DoT can also be detonated by Kafka. As the game progresses, Kafka will get better and better. Because any future OP DoT characters or Break Characters will expand with her.

Honkai Star Rail: Kafka Gameplay Showcase

What Does Blade Do? & Why To Pull Him?

Finally came Blade. What he brings to Honkai Star Rail is a new form of DPS. Clara can counter it and even heal it with some Light Cones.

Blade will voluntarily sacrifice his health, then deal some baffling damage, and accumulate charges to restore all health. His damage will be the first HP scaling damage. His gear will revolve around enhancing his base attacks through his skills and draining HP. A tank hit at the same time gives the enemy another round of slashing.

His abilities boost his base attack for a few turns, meaning his skill points are highly efficient. Even he can be a secondary DPS that can heal himself without taking almost any SP for the primary DPS.

He can also be a main DPS, so he’s pretty versatile already. Blade will enable the new Destruction team Archetypes. In this Archetype, you don’t do any protection, just tank damage and have a healer by your side.

This technically means that Preservation units work against him, and he does no damage. So if you don’t like an adventurous playstyle, his value may be reduced. If you already have a Hypercarry, the new DPS pull value is also reduced.

But he offers strong coverage of Wind element, and will be the most powerful DPS as well. So he can fill the role of Clara, as a character who can deal a lot of damage.

Honkai Star Rail: Why To Pull Blade?

Small Summary On Their Value

All in all, Luocha is the most versatile healer. If you want to challenge Memory of Chaos and Bailu or Gepard pull him. However, he still thrives with them on your Honkai Star Rail Account.

Kafka will enable a whole new type of teams, DoT teams, by solving their fundamental problems. She’ll provide a lot of DPS on her own, but her damage will really come from the teammates you bring in. If you like DoTs or Kafka, or want some DPS, she’s a great pick.

In the end, Blade has the least pull value, as most of us probably pulled Seele or Jing Yuan. However, he can thrive in team combinations without preservation units and has versatility.

He can also be used to run enemy stages solo if you like. Don’t forget him if you want a whole new type of DPS.


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