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Honkai Star Rail: Is Luocha Worth Pulling? - Luocha Pre-Release Analysis And Builds

Posted: Jun 25, 2023

Here is a pre-release discussion about Luocha. Since he’s just a few days away from officially launching, we’re going to check out everything there is to know about him.

I did some preliminary calculations on him and we’ll explain why you want to pull him. Because he has the best 4-star team and Light Cone Banner. Then we’ll discuss his approach and his strengths and weaknesses. Including his best possible build, as well as some synergies and team compositions.

First, if you go for Meta value, Luocha is a very capable healer with some incredible utility and some decent damage. If you want to see how he’s doing, you can wait a day or two for someone to pull him with clickbait. I believe his presence can enhance the value of any Honkai Star Rail Accounts, even those of Bailu and Gepard, as he can thrive in multiple niches.

Honkai Star Rail: Luocha Pre-Release Analysis and Builds

Best 4-Star Team

His best 4-star team is as follows. Qingque, a powerful side DPS that scales well to the main DPS starting at E4, and her Eidolons are fantastic.

Pela, a strong debuffer with some decent Sub DPS damage, and shares buff removal with Luocha in her kit. She has a great game and has played well on many teams. But she doesn’t need Eidolons that much. E4 boosting Mono Ice is her best choice.

Yukong, an interesting new 4-Star Harmony unit. He can boost the crit chance and crit damage of allies, and has some great sub DPS damage.

His 5-Star Light Cone works just fine for him. It will grant him an attack and some energy help so you can get more healing by replacing Energy Rope, as well as a team speed buff from the ultimate. That’s fine for him, but there’s no need to pull anything.

Honkai Star Rail: Version 1.1 Banners


The 4 stars on his Banner are as follows. Good Night and Sleep Well. This is one of the best Nihility Light Cones in the game, with an insane DPS boost to all Nihility units.

Dance! Dance! Dance! is a powerful Harmony alternative when you don’t need Meshing Cogs or Memories of the Past. It will bring progress to every Ultimate for the entire team. Also, Geniuses’ Repose is a weak conditional Erudition Light Cone.


Luocha is a 5-Star Imaginary Abundance unit. Abundance characters are dedicated healers.

His normal attacks are standard and only deal damage. His ability is a powerful heal for a single target. This skill is automatically cast whenever any member of your party drops below half health. Once every 2 turns, no off-field skill points are required, and the skill will clear one debuff from that ally.

His Ultimate is an area damage ability that removes 1 boon from all enemies. When his Talents are not active, his Abilities and Ultimates give him Abyss Flower stacks. When stacked to tier 2, he will deploy his field of Talents.

Honkai Star Rail: Luocha Character Talent, Skill, Ultimate

When all allies attack an enemy, the area heals them less than the ability. Attackers will get a large single-target heal, while all allies will get a smaller area-of-effect heal. Since it’s also per-enemy, more enemies hit means more healing.

As for Traces and Eidolons, and the full multiplier, that’ll have to wait until Luocha’s official release.

Pros And Cons

Let’s see all his pros and cons. So first we have the incredible cure. My preliminary calculations show that his healing is very satisfactory for a solo sustain unit.

Next, we have simple build requirements. He has a lot of free Light Cone options, and Gacha doesn’t require any stacks. He also has amazing base stats and a low energy drain. As one of the three current Imaginary units, he can get more breakthroughs against those nasty Imaginary enemies.

Finally, he has excellent skill point generation. His rotation doesn’t require skill unless someone’s playing very low, so his SP is very aggressive and suitable for almost any team.

Honkai Star Rail: Why Players Should Save & Pull for Luocha?

We lack a definitive cure for his flaws. Bailu and Natasha can use their Ultimates to heal a lot. If Luocha’s force field was up, he could heal with his ult, but it doesn’t.

Because he’ll be using his Ultimate during the normal run of the field. This means the only emergency heals you can get are his abilities, which come every 2 turns, or Ultimate, which deals damage to allies during his battle time. You can mitigate this, though, by gaining some defensive sub-stats.

Next, his speedup times are annoying if you don’t use his Techniques. His Talents will have two rounds of downtime, so I suggest you only use his Techniques. This means Talents skills and Ultimate during normal operation are a big no-no.


For team games, he can play almost anywhere. So far, I don’t think he can be on Arlan’s team because Arlan wants to stay low. He’ll give any team a solo sustain role, meaning you won’t need protection unless the boss is that powerful.

Honkai Star Rail: Is Luocha Worth Pulling?

I believe Mono Imaginary will work really well with Luocha. He’s an imaginary healer and solo sustain unit, so all you need is a DPS and a support.

Anyway, that’s all my thoughts on Luocha ahead of its release. Do you think he is worth your pull? What do you think of him? I hope that Luocha’s press conference will bring us surprises.


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