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Honkai Star Rail: How To Farm The Best Planar Ornaments In Double Relic Event?

Posted: Jun 26, 2023

Planar Ornaments are one of the most important things when building a Honkai Star Rail. Unfortunately, not all Planar Ornaments are suitable for farming. While we’ll discuss what it takes to farm the best Planar Ornaments. But there are some other things like Space Sealing Station that I don’t think are worth your time and effort.

Choosing The Best Planar Ornaments

Some others I don’t think much of either, like stuff like Fleet of the Ageless. While this looks great for support characters, we need to give them an 8% health boost. And it will only provide a slight attack damage increase to the rest of your party.

Honkai Star Rail: Farm The Best Planar Ornaments In The Double Relic Event!

Celestial Differentiator will be another DPS setting. This is great for farming tons of monsters repeatedly, and maybe building a meme around it.

Overall, it’s not that great, and is pretty much worthless against some of the hardest content in the game. So if you’re considering growing any of these, I’d steer you away from those Planar Ornaments and focus on some of the better ones.

Inert Salsotto

One of the best DPS builds you can get is Inert Salsotto, which will give you 8% crit chance. Then, it gives your Ultimate an extra 15% damage if your crit chance is 50% or higher. This will be without a doubt the best two piece set you can put on a DPS character. Because for a sub-stat role, its speed is valuable.

On top of that, you actually get a damage bonus as well. Although you probably won’t be using the final damage boost and subsequent attack damage boost on every character in the game. But you’ll be able to use one of these on almost every DPS character in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: Inert Salsotto

So if you’re looking for a set for a DPS character, even if they’re sub DPS, this is something you should be farming. Since this is a DPS-focused two-piece set, you’ll want to look for Planar Sphere and Link Rope Sets in most cases.

Although it’s not my favorite farm setup, this Planar Ornaments Set is great for defensive roles like March 7th or Fire Trailblazer. It will give you extra defense.

Pan-Galactic Planar Ornaments Set

At the end of the day, this set will suit characters who support Tanky, but you don’t need much of this set. Therefore, another support DPS I would recommend farming is Pan-Galactic Planar Ornaments Set. It increases your Effect Hit Rate by 10%, then gives you an additional 25% Effect Hit Rate as an attack bonus.

This means that if you can achieve 100% Effect Hit Rate, you will get the full 25% attack bonus. This is a pleasant set to have when you’re trying to build a supporting sub DPS character.

But if you want to focus on any sub DPS Debuffer, you can actually fall back to Inert Salsotto Set. 10% area of effect out of 25% is pretty good if you focus on sub DPS damage. But 8% crit chance and last damage or follow-up damage may be more effective than IPC.

Honkai Star Rail: Don't Miss Out on the Double Relic Event

Talia’s Nailscrap Town

Talia’s Nailscrap Town is probably the hardest Planar Ornaments Set in Honka Star Rail to get the most out of, as it increases your damage. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add Asta to your party, who can use her speed buff to maximize Break Effect on any character.

If you’re using a Break Effect character and want to deal massive damage to shield-busting enemies, then this might be something you can go after. However, since it is very rare to use this strategy nowadays, I would advise against this option.

Honkai Star Rail: Talia’s Nailscrap Town

Sprightly Vonwacq

In the end, my favorite of the sets that I plow a lot is Sprightly Vonwacq. As long as your speed is above 120, it will give you 5% energy recharge. It also increases your forward speed by 40% when you enter combat. Basically, every support role on my Honkai Star Rail Account has this setup.

What I love about this set is that it allows you to tune all your support characters to always start a fight faster than any DPS character.

Honkai Star Rail: Sprightly Vonwacq

Not only that, but in some of the harder challenges, like Memory of Chaos. You need to know how many cycles you are going through and defeat the enemies as quickly as possible. This forward push may eventually allow certain characters to take one or more actions. Then they should be able to complete within a certain cycle threshold.

In the end, you’ll find that the many support characters in Honkai Star Rail can be so powerful with the help of these Planar Ornaments Sets. It allows me to take out enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible while getting as much Ultimate Charge as possible for my support characters. This way I can use these things to further my game plan to absolutely dominate and destroy all the difficult content in this game.


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