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Honkai Star Rail: 3 Tips Rookie Players Need To Know

Posted: May 09, 2023

While Honkai Star Rail does a pretty good job of showing off all of its systems, there’s still a lot to learn, especially early game progression. Therefore, today we will detail the basic system of Honkai Star Rail, starting with the summoning system.

Summoning System

Honkai: Star Rail is a gacha game. Players can usually summon heroes of different rarities from Warp system. Note that this is unlocked after the tutorial, which is easy but takes 30 to 40 minutes.

As usual, there are different types of Summoning Banners, each with its own characteristics. To summon any of these, you need Summoning Currency. In addition, you can get these currencies by participating in these activities:

  • Star Rail Passes
  • Special Star Rail Passes
  • Stellar Jades

Honkai Star Rail Summoning System

In such a system, the highest rarity entity has the lowest probability of being summoned, and the lowest rarity entity has the highest probability of being summoned, as you can see now. So, before spending your precious Summoning Currency, be sure to check how often the character you decide to summon is used and which Summoning Banner is better for it.


Honkai Star Rail usually uses two principal currencies, namely Credits and Stellar Shard Credits, which are mainly used to upgrade Heroes and Light Cones.

We recommend using Credits only to level up the main 4 characters. Now, Stellar Shards are the next major currency. In fact, it’s also the premium currency in Honkai Star Rail, used only for summons in Warp system. We can exchange them for Star Rail Passes and Special Star Rail Passes.

Honkai Star Rail Guide 3 Tips Rookie Players Need to Know

Combat System

Starting with the basics, you need to assemble a team of 4 distinct characters in the “Team Setup” menu. If you want to experience different roles, you can also try to get different Honaki Star Rail Accounts, which will help you get familiar with the roles faster.

You can actually view enemies on the open world map before you choose to fight them. The best way to start any match in Honkai Star Rail is to hit the enemy with the better elemental character on your team. This will cause different types of effects based on your character’s elemental damage.

A unique aspect of the combat system in Honkai Star Rail is a Toughness mechanic. We all know that all enemies’ HP bars will be lit green. Below that HP bar, there is another bar called Toughness bar, shown in white.

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This Toughness bar is to represent the elemental engagement between your hero and the enemy. We can also see the classic elemental system in Honkai Star Rail, where each hero is assigned an element.

Each enemy or boss is now weakened by several elements. It will display its weaker elements above their heads. Hitting an enemy with a hero in a weaker element will cause them to take damage and lower their Toughness bar.

Once Toughness bar drops to 0, the boss will enter Break state. These Break states may have more varied effects depending on the course of the elemental engagement. The rest of the battle takes place in a classic turn-based order, with each hero fighting their turn according to their turn order located in the upper left corner of the battle screen.

Honkai Star Rail Combat System

During combat, every basic attack your hero makes increases your skill points. Using a hero’s special skills consumes skill points. Naturally, they are more powerful than normal basic attacks.

When your heroes deal and take damage, they also gain Ultimate Ability Gauge. Once filled, their Ultimate Ability can be used by pressing down on their portrait with the click of a button. Remember, it can use regardless Ultimate Ability of the combat situation of the hero’s turn.

The above covers everything a beginner in Honkai Star Rail needs to know. In the future, I will continue to pay attention to Honkai Star Rail, and share some strategies and guides with you in time. If you also want to experience it, you might as well act now.


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