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Genshin Impact: What's the Memory Of Dust? How To Get It?

Source: IGGM

In Genshin Impact, the character banners are always very attractive. In the latest banner "Epitome Invocation", its five-star rewards are Skyward Harp and Memory of Dust. As for Skyward Harp, you should be familiar with it. It is a very powerful weapon, but you should not be familiar with Memory of Dust, so this guide will tell you how to obtain it and what its use.

What's the Memory of Dust?

It is a catalyst weapon with additional skills. This banner is perfect for Ningguang and her Geo abilities. Although currently, Geo is not the most popular element, with the appearance of Zhongli, I bet that many players have eliminated their prejudice against the Geo element. In the future, building a secondary Geo character may be a great option for element resonance.

Ningguang will create a shield for herself while attacking the enemies, which allows Memory of Dust to better play its role. The catalyst can increase the strength of the shield and additional ATK, so Memory of Dust provides a new direction for you to build a 4-star hero.

Now you can pull for Memory of Dust and the Skyward Harp until December 1st.

In any case, the role of Memory of Dust cannot be underestimated. If you are interested in it, you can check out your catalyst's starting and maxed out stats.

Ascension Materials

* Level 20 - Grain of Aerosiderite *5, Fragile Bone Shard *5, Damaged Mask *3

* Level 40 - Piece of Aerosiderite *5, Fragile Bone Shard *18, Damaged Mask *12

* Level 50 - Piece of Aerosiderite *9, Sturdy Bone Shard *9, Stained Mask *9

*Level 60 - Bit of Aerosiderite *5, Sturdy Bone Shard *18, Stained Mask *14

* Level 70 - Bit of Aerosiderite *9, Fossilized Bone Shard *14, Ominous Mask *9

* Level 80 - Chunk of Aerosiderite *6, Fossilized Bone Shard *27, Ominous Mask *18

Of course, if you want to get Skyward Harp directly, you can also buy Genshin Impact Accounts with that 5-star weapon on IGGM. This is also the fastest and most time-saving way. And the price of Genshin Impact Accounts on IGGM is very reasonable, and it must be within your acceptable range, which is far more cost-effective than pulling it in the game, because the pull rates of 0.6 require you to constantly pay for it, and the worst result is that you never get the hero or weapon you want in the end! So you'd better buy directly on IGGM!

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