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Genshin Impact: The Quick Way To Increase City Reputation

Posted: Nov 18, 2020

Genshin Impact 1.1 update has been released, it not only brings new playable heroes, but also new events and more. One of them is the City Reputation system. Through this new feature, you can establish connections with the two main cities in the game (Mondstadt and Liyue). Of course, as the game continues to expand, you will also be exposed to more new cities.

How to gain city reputation?

To start gaining City Reputation, the prerequisite is that your Adventure Rank reaches 25. If you do not meet this requirement, you should focus on completing the tasks to gain more XP and other goodies.

How to unlock City Reputation?

Once your Adventure Rank reaches 25, you can go to each city to complete the corresponding quest. Therefore, you will have to complete the Archon Quests, which includes adventure and emergency food. Once you successfully finish these, you can unlock the City Reputation through speak with specific NPCs. In Mondstadt, you need to find Hertha, and in Liyue, you need to find Ms.Yu. You can find them on the border of the city they are in, and both of them are marked with upward-pointing triangles on the map.

How to increase City Reputation?

There are many ways to improve the City Reputation, but if you want to improve quickly, you can try all possible methods:

Regional quests: You can increase the City Reputation by completing several quests in each region.

Opening new areas: both exploring and opening new areas will help enhance the City Reputation.

Bounties and requests: These two methods can be done three times a week, because of the restrictions, so this is a bit annoying. So you should pay more attention to these, and then complete side quests and exploration.

PS: Unlocking the waypoints will make your journey more smooth, so don't ignore this.

The benefits of increasing city reputation

You will get huge rewards after increasing the City Reputation, such as blueprints, recipes and even gliders. Each city has its unique rewards, so you have to make sure that your City Reputation in Mondstadt and Liyue is improved!

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