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Genshin Impact: How To Get The Recipe and Ingredients Of Qingce Stir Fry

Posted: Nov 27, 2020

Not only can you explore in Genshin Impact, you can also cook a lot of food in it. They are not only foods to fill your stomach, but also restore the health of the team members and increase stamina.

Qingce Stir fry is one of the dishes. It is a dish in a small village in Liyue. If your team members eat it, their attack stats will increase. After that, they will be able to cope easily against powerful enemies. Most importantly, all players can use it, regardless of your Adventure Rank! So, if you are a novice, after you eat this dish, your subsequent battles will be smoother.

How to get the recipe?

To cook this dish, you need to get its recipe first, you'll heave to go to the northernmost part of Liyue area!

After leaving Stone gate, which is separated from Mondstadt, and you will reach the village by going west along the path. You can also climb the mountain between the road and Qingce, but it will take a while, and you will encounter enemies on the road, so be careful.

After arriving in the village, you will see a lady standing in front of the mill, she is Ms. Bai. You need to speak with her and she will sell you the recipe.

How to get ingredients?

After getting the recipe, you can start collecting the required ingredients according to it.

3 Mushrooms: You can find mushrooms in many wooded places near Teyvat, but there are many different types of mushrooms. To make this dish, you only need ordinary mushrooms.

2 Lotus Heads: You can find this plant in lakes and rivers. If you want to save time, you can directly buy them from Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor. This shop is on a mountain in the north of the city.

1 Cabbage: You can find them in the wild, you can also buy them at Mondstadt General Goods for 120 Mora.

1 Jueyun Chili: You can find them in the wild, as well as in Qingce Village. Because the color of it is red, it is particularly prominent and not difficult to find.

This is all about cooking Qingce Stir Fry. In fact, cooking in Genshin Impact is also an interesting process! They are not a decoration in the game, but good things that can help the characters increase the health of life and enhance the stamina. If you want to take the lead in the battle against powerful enemies, they will definitely help you.

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