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Genshin Impact: If Your Team Are Powerful Enough, The New Boss Will Join In Your Team

Posted: Nov 03, 2020

The developers of Mihoyo have revealed a lot of information about new content for the upcoming Genshin Impact 1.1.

So we already know that in the 1.1 Update, there will be 4 new playable characters: Childe, Zhongli, Diona, and xinyan. Judging from the trailer, they are very attractive.

In addition, there will be a new boss fight, in which you will head-to-head with Childe. Maybe this will make you very confused, because Childe (Tartaglia) appeared in the early Liyue chapter, and not only that, he also helped you! So you probably think he will be your loyal ally, but now the 1.1 update proves that your idea may is wrong, but isn't this confusing plot more attractive?

Childe is a member of Fatui Harbingers, and he seems to have proven to you that he is a good person. But in Update 1.1, we need to wait and see how the plot will develop.

But anyway, I bet you will love Childe. Because he is a 5-star hero, fans definitely want him to join their teams! So how can you make him your team member?

Prediction 1: In most cases, many characters in Genshin Impact are obtained through the gacha pull Wish system. Five-star characters are particularly rare, with a pull rate of only 0.6%. That's too lowwww! Mihoyo, when can you respond to our request?!!

Prediction 2: You may also get him through the main story. Because players obtained Lisa, Amber, and Kaeya in this way, so Childe may also be a story reward character.

Prediction 3: As mentioned above, you will participate in a boss fight with Childe. So maybe after you defeat him, he will join your team.

These are our predictions. The specific method for getting Childe to join your team will have to wait until the 1.1 Update is released, which is November 11st.

IGGM will always pay attention to the latest news of Genshin Impact. Once Mihoyo leaks the latest news, we will update it to let you know.

IGGM also provides cheap Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star heroes. If you don't have enough luck to get a 5-star hero in the game, then money can also replace luck! ! So, buy Genshin Impact Accounts on IGGM as early as possible is not a bad thing.


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