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Genshin Impact: All Info About Ganyu Story Quest Are Here

Posted: Jan 12, 2021

The release date and details of Ganyu's story quest in Genshin Impact have been announced. The Chalk Prince and the Dragon has now entered its second half. The upcoming Ganyu will become a character at the center of the stage.

During the appearance of Albedo’s Banner arc, players were speculating when Ganyu would appear. Some details about Ganyu's background story and abilities have been released, but a specific release time has not been announced. It is speculated that Ganyu will appear after Albedo's story ends on January 13.

When will her story begin?

According to Mihoyo, her story quest will be carried out one day in advance. Her quest named "Sinae Unicornis Chapter" will begin at 6 pm EST on January 12 and will end when the 1.3 version is released, which is February 2.

How to unlock Ganyu?

To unlock Ganyu, your Adventure Rank needs to reach 40 or above, and complete Archon Quest, Chapter 1, Act 3 - A New Star Approaches. When you meet the requirements, you can use the Story Key to unlock the Sinae Unicornis chapter.

About Ganyu

Ganyu is one of the few characters who can get the honor one - story quest can provide you with insights and development for your five-star characters.

In addition, we only know her favorite hobby - work, and favorite snack - Qingxin Flower.

If you are curious about Ganyu, then when she appears in the game, all her secrets will gradually surface. And as Ganyu is a five-star character, it is very difficult to get her. If you don't have enough luck to get her in the game, you can also choose to buy Genshin Impact Account with her on IGGM.

As Ganyu appears in Genshin Impact, IGGM will also launch related Genshin Impact Accounts as soon as possible in case any buyers can't wait to get her! So if you are interested, you can pay more attention to IGGM.


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