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Genshin Impact Guide: More Details About Ganyu You May Wanna Know About

Posted: Jan 06, 2021

Ganyu is the latest playable character in Genshin Impact 1.2 version. As a 5-star character, Gnayu will be very difficult to obtain.

Ganyu will appear as the newest banner character for the Wish system in Genshin Impact next week. Ganyu should appear after Albeodo's banner ends. Both Albedo and Ganyu are the new characters in the 1.2 update, and now Albedo has appeared in the game, which means that Ganyu is the latest playable character before the 1.3 version is released.

About Ganyu

Ganyu is a Cryo user, so she will use the Ice element in battles. Her weapon is a bow, which means she is good at ranged attacks and can kill enemies from long distances. Her first appearance in Genshin Impact was in the Liyue part. She has close ties with several major characters in the game: she is the emissary for Liyue Qixing, she is half-human and half-Adeptus. So she has both human and god characteristics, which also makes her a very unique hero in the game.

Why Ganyu is important?

Because she is half-human and half-Adeptus, she acts as a connection between those human characters and gods in the game. She has the Cryo Vision, which is a gift from God and an important elemental conduit. In terms of Vision, Ganyu and Fischl are very close, and Fischl's Vision is reflected in Electro hawk Oz. So we can speculate that Ganyu's Cryo abilities will be quite powerful.

The connection between Ganyu and Rex Lapis

She followed the Geo Archon-Rex Lapis devoutly, which also represented a certain connection between the two of them. Since Ganyu has been serving Rex Lapis for a long time, she may even be the oldest of the Adepti, she may be several thousand years old. Therefore, she may be the best one who can reveal the Unknown God in Genshin Impact.

Ganyu should appear in the game around January 13th! If you expect her, you can pay more attention to this.

At that time, IGGM will also launch Genshin Impact Accounts with Ganyu in time. If you don't have enough luck to get her in the game, you can choose to buy her on IGGM.


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