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FFXIV Will Introduce Female Hrothgar

Posted: May 21, 2021

As early as FFXIV fan fest, Bunny Boys attracted the attention of many fans, and another huge gender barrier in the game was gradually disappearing. The female Hrothgar will not arrive at Endwalker in time, but the director of Final Fantasy XIV has promised to eventually bring them to the game. However, the release date of their appearance has not yet been determined.

The development team said that they had considered adding female Hrothgar, but they are also busy dealing with male Viera and other game content. But they will find suitable opportunities to add the female Hrothgar to the game in the future. But from the current point of view, they will not appear in the 6.0 version at the same time as the male Viera.

So the most likely situation is to wait for them to be completed and then release them at the same time, and the development team decides to release them one after another, rather than release all of them at a time.

And they said that they decided not to release any playable races in the game, but due to the strong support of fans and the joint efforts of the development team, female Hrothgar and male Viera became possible.

Since Endwalker will be released in November, fans can only focus on the current content. But the longer you wait, the greater the surprise you'll get. Endwalker will be the ending of the Hydaelyn-Zodiark arc, so it should give fans a huge surprise.

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