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  • FFXIV Will Introduce Female Hrothgar

    May 21, 2021

    As early as FFXIV fan fest, Bunny Boys attracted the attention of many fans, and another huge gender barrier in the game was gradually disappearing. The female Hrothgar will not arrive at Endwalker in time, but the director of Final Fantasy XIV has promised to eventually bring them to the game. However, the release date of their appearance has not yet been determined.

    The development team said that they had considered adding female Hrothgar, but they are also busy dealing with male Viera and other game content. But they will find suitable opportunities to add the female Hrothgar to the game in the future. But from the current point of view, they will not appear in the 6.0 version at the same time as the male Viera.

    So the most likely situation is to wait for them to be completed and then release them at the same time, and the development team decides to release them one after another, rather than release all of them at a time.

    And they said that they decided not to release any playable races in the game, but due to the strong support of fans and the joint efforts of the development team, female Hrothgar and male Viera became possible.

    Since Endwalker will be released in November, fans can only focus on the current content. But the longer you wait, the greater the surprise you'll get. Endwalker will be the ending of the Hydaelyn-Zodiark arc, so it should give fans a huge surprise.

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  • Final Fantasy XIV: How To Craft Levequests?

    Jan 08, 2021

    In FFXIV, you can level every job on a character, including crafting. But for the Disciple of the Hand profession, to gain experience points, you need to craft rather than run dungeons.

    You can get standard experience points by crafting items normally. Finishing tradecraft levequests or crafting levequests is one of the best ways to upgrade quickly.

    Where to unlock levequests?

    If you are a new player, you need to unlock the levequests first, which include:

    battlecraft leves for battle jobs

    tradecraft leves for crafting jobs

    fieldcraft leves for gathering jobs

    You have to continue your main scenario missions until you finish one of the following level 9 missions, depending on your starting city:

    UI’dah - Way Down in the Hole

    Limsa Lominsa - Just Desserts

    Gridania - Spirithold Broken

    After completing the quest, go to the adventurer's guild in your city, you will find a Levemete NPC waiting for you, and will give you a level 10 quest:

    UI’dah - Leves of Horizons

    Limsa Lominsa - Leves of Swiftprech

    Gridania - Leves of Benbranch

    Completing the corresponding quest will unlock low-level battlecraft leves and all tradecraft leves in the cities.

    Until level 50, all tradecraft leves will not appear in one place. There are only level 1-45 tradecraft leves in the starter cities. In addition, only certain cities have specific crafting leves.

    UI’dah - Alchemist, Goldsmith, Weaver

    Limsa Lominsa - Armorer, Blacksmith, Culinarian

    Gridania - Carpenter, Leatherworker

    But the good news is that the higher-level tradecraft leves are all in one place:

    Level 50-58: in Ishgard

    Level 60-68: in Kugane

    Level 70-78: in the Crystarium

    As the level cap rises, this pattern will continue.

    Choose levequests in your level range

    You can choose levequests, and then check your levequest allowances. One allowance can choose one levequest. Everyone can get 3 allowances every 12 hours, up to 100. Don’t forget to check the timer list in the menu to confirm when the next levequest allowances appear.

    Craft the items listed in the quest

    You will see the items you need on the levequest page. Sometimes you only need to craft and hand in one item, other times 3 items are needed. Both normal quality and high-quality items are okay, but high-quality items will give you double rewards! In addition, the levequest that requires 3 items will ask you if you want to turn in more, that is, 9 items. This requirement makes the most effective use of your allowance.

    Of course, if you don’t want to spend time crafting items, you can also buy them on the market board. So having enough FFXIV Gil can also save you time to some extent. Because grind FFXIV Gil is also a long process in FFXIV, more and more players choose to buy FFXIV Gil from IGGM, because it can be said to be the fastest and money-saving way.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Tips And Tricks For Unlocking The Emerald Weapon

    Dec 12, 2020

    The newest patch of FFXIV has been released, which not only introduces new features, but also makes some modifications to the existing things, and some characters have gained some buffs, and some characters (Monk) use new mechanics. This undoubtedly brings a new gaming experience to fans.

    Emerald Weapon will definitely cause players to fight. In FFXIV, weapons are not autonomous creatures, but mechs that need pilots. This is not a good thing for you, because you not only have to fight monsters, but also have to solve the actual driver of the machine. If you can successfully pass the Normal version of Emerald Weapon, you will have a chance to get the Extreme version.

    To unlock Emerald Weapon

    To unlock Emerald Weapon, you need to reach level 80, and you need to finish the previous two chapters "Sorrow of Werlyt", ending with "Sleep Now in Sapphire". Once completed, you can speak with the Resistance Officer (S:11.3, Y:22.5), then start Blood of Emerald.

    If you want to unlock the Extreme version of Emerald Weapon, you need to clear the Normal mode attached to the Sorrow of Werlyt questline. After that, you can talk to Warmachina Fanatic (X:11.5, Y:22.5) to enter Extreme mode. This requires a 500-level item to queue up for battle, which is negligible if you are in a full pre-made team.

    To defeat Emerald Weapon

    Requirement: a full team of level 80 with level 485 gear and higher.

    The standard of team composition: 2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS.

    Emerald weapons use Emerald Shot, so the tank needs cooldowns to mitigate.

    Emerald Beam will use donut-cone AoE common in the YoRHa Dark Apocalypse series. For this, you need to run around the boss all the time, and you also need to strafe. In this battle, it is difficult to maintain the damage in the dodging process for Melee and Black Mages.

    Magitek Magnetism:It will generate three bombs, you have to stay away from the end results.

    The boss will also borrow Heavensward attacks, and can Split.

    The health of Emerald Weapon will drop rapidly, but it will have a new form: the outer edge will be on fire, so don't touch it. Divide et Impera will be its main attack.

    Primus Terminus Est will mark three players and knock them back. The circle damage indicator will be placed at the other end of the arena. Once you are marked, you need to run to the edge where the push marker starts to avoid being knocked into the deadly fire.

    With Secundus Terminus Est, all of you will be marked as T-shaped or X-shaped line attacks, so you need to form a tight enough formation so that you can reserve extra space for you guys to avoid the line burst.

    Tetrus Terminus Est will generate 6 sword attacks, with pairs of two each staggered. This is similar to Titan, you should be on the third set, waiting for the first set to detonate, and then transfer to the position which the first previously was in, so that to avoid the second and third sets.

    Eventually, it will be transformed into Black Wolf's Image, and a group of soldiers will be summoned to fire from outside the arena. These soldiers will line up in three rows and eight columns. You can follow the steps below:

    1. Standing in the front row without soldiers, waiting for them to open fire

    2. Then run to the second row without soldiers and waiting for them to open fire

    3. After that, repeat the column switch for the third row

    Defeating Black Wolf's Image will cause huge damage to the Emerald Weapon, and it will become the second image.

    These are the tips that IGGM can give to unlock and defeat Emerald Weapon. The specific operation may also require your adaptability and cooperation with your teammates. Of course, having good equipment and weapons will also allow you to survive longer in battles. If you are lacking the FFXIV Gil that can make you strong, you can come to IGGM to buy what you need. Cheap FFXIV Gil is always the biggest advantage of IGGM.

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