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FFXIV: Valentione's Day Event Will Come The Month

Posted: Feb 06, 2022

Every year, FFXIV celebrates Valentione's Day with a sweet twist, and this year was no exception. It will start on February 8th and will run until February 21st. IGGM lists the relevant details of the event.

How to participate in the Valentione's Day Event?

As usual, the host is Lisette de Valentione and you can find her in the amphitheater on Old Gridania. 

To participate, you need to be level 15, which is also very easy, both for new players and veterans.

What are the rewards?

The rewards will be a cute Postmoogle Barding for your Chocobo and a lovey-dovey Valentione Mobile wall-mounted decoration for your house.

FFXIV is currently available on PS4/5 and PC, users with the PS4 version can upgrade to PS5 for free, and Endwalker was available some time ago, so it's worth the extra time and experience to invest in it.

And on February 18th, Letter from the Producer Live will be broadcast, which will reveal the future of the game beyond Endwalker, IGGM will always pay attention to its news, and once new news is leaked, we will also promptly share related articles here.

FFXIV continues to attract more new players because of its wonderful content, which is surprising. Regular patch updates always keep the game fresh. If you are also a loyal player of FFXIV, you can come to IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil, which will help you reach your goals faster, resulting in a better gaming experience


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