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FFXIV: Valentione's Better Letters Answers Guide

Posted: Feb 09, 2022

Valentione's Day Event in FFXIV is back, this time with a piece of furniture and a gorgeous Postmoogle Chocobo barding up for grabs. The Better Letters repeatable quest is an optional part of the event and doesn't offer any meaningful rewards, but some players may prefer to see the desired outcome of each scene in Better Letters.

Better Letters are completely optional, as both the left and right Prismatic Hearts can be obtained from the House Valentione Maid NPC, which also sells the event-exclusive Valentione Mobile. IGGM will detail Better Letters.

FFXIV Better Letters

When you complete the main event quest “No Love Lost”, you can start Better Letters by talking to Pukty Piko, which requires you to be at least level 15 to start.

After finishing No Love Lost, speak with Pukty Piko and you will see 5 different scenarios where people need to write letters for different reasons. You need to help them write letters and make 2 choices for each letter-writing scenario. Each has only one good ending, but whatever your choice, you'll get 10 10 Prismatic Heart (Left) and 10 Prismatic Heart (Right).

5 Scenarios and correct answers:

The emissary of penned passions

* Keep it simple and straightforward.


The nameless adventurer

* Show condition and gratitude in equal measure.

* That failure is a novice's best learning tool.

The winsome Padjal

* Show that you're serious by observing proper letter-writing etiquette.

* It should be from both her and her brother.

The one who dreams of the wider world

* Thank him for all his encouragement.

* Support him in his endeavors as he supports you in yours.

The one redolent of boughs

To my beautiful branch, Feo Ul!

Attach flowers and chocolate to your letter.

With these answers, you can get all the best results in the Better Letters quest. To ensure that the game process has been smooth, you can often come to IGGM to check the FFXIV game guides, in addition, you can also buy FFXIV Gil here to make you stronger.

As FFXIV continues to become more popular, the tactical strategy and resource support provided by IGGM can benefit more players.


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