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FFXIV: Roguelite Deep Dungeons Will Be Making Their Way Back!

Posted: Feb 15, 2022

Roguelite Deep Dungeons are coming back to FFXIV. Since Endwalker was released, there have been several patch updates to help improve player experiences, and now that the new dungeon returning is another piece of good news for players. IGGM will provide some details.

Deep Dungeon is a popular feature in FFXIV that provides players with challenging content. Unlike typical dungeons, Deep Dungeons offers a roguelite experience where you need to complete multiple floors of challenges. These dungeons are extremely difficult because the floors and rooms are randomly generated every time you re-enter Deep Dungeon.

Although you can continue from the last location in the dungeon, reaching the last floor is still a real challenge. For example, completing an FFXIV Deep Dungeon like Palace of the Dead will earn you rewards that will make the quest worthwhile. So before facing the daunting challenge, you can come to IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil to be fully prepared.

FFXIV's Deep Dungeons also offer some unique bonuses, like weapons and magic armor that are separate from the main game.

Roguelite Deep Dungeons will return in a future update of FFXIV. The game director said that he heard fans around the world are asking for bringing back the Deep Dungeons, and based on this, more Deep Dungeons will appear in FFXIV's 6.X patch series, which is expected to be released in March or April with patch 6.1.

The last Deep Dungeons in FFXIV was the Stormblood expansion in 2018, and while the FFXIV patch provided buffs and new content, the Deep Dungeons disappeared over time. But now the development team wants to make up for that and meet the needs of players as much as possible.

For more relevant news, IGGM will follow up and share it here in time.


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