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FFXIV: Suggestions for Astrologian's PvP

Posted: Jul 12, 2022

Posted: Jul 12, 2022

Source:  IGGM

In the constantly updated game content of Final Fantasy XIV, PvP has always been the focus of attention, and many players are keen to develop their unique combat style in PvP. Among them, Astrologian has always been a popular PvP profession. As an indispensable healer in the team, he uses tarot cards and astrology to bring players a fast-paced, interactive playstyle.

After the balance adjustment in patch 6.18, the effect of Astrologian's ability Gravity II has been weakened, and now after the ability is activated, the heavy hit effect and the binding effect only apply to the first target. Based on this, for different PvP gameplay, players who choose the Astrologian profession have different things to pay attention to.

Crystalline Conflict

As the second season unfolds and the Astrologian skills are tweaked, players will need to push the crystals as hard as they can in this fast five-player PvP. Astrologians need to focus on keeping themselves within the medium range of crystals in the team to ensure a magic output in the team.

Meanwhile, Astrologian can use Balance, Ewer, or Spire to give a buff to the main output within the team. Ewer provides a significant healing bonus, while Spire increases speed.


The most striking feature of Frontlines is a large number of people. In such a 24v24 battle, the battle will become chaotic and complicated. As a more supportive class, all of Astrologian's effect skills will be useful in this environment. It is especially important to prepare for the use of Macrocosmos in advance, as its therapeutic effect is limited to the number of people.

Rival Wings

While Rival Wings is currently disabled, we'll see it return in patch 6.2 in August. Players need to quickly destroy at least one enemy tower and storm the base in this massive multiplayer PvP.

According to Square Enix, they will bring the Rival Wings adjustment in 6.2. At that point, Machina and NPCs will be immune to most status effects. In this case, Astrologian is best to use Gravity II and Fallen Malefic skills for the DPS assassins class, and focus on supporting Paladin, Red Mage, and Sage in the team.

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