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FFXIV: Highlights of Patch 6.18

Posted: Jul 06, 2022

True Final Fantasy XIV fans will never miss an update. Even after noticing that patch 6.2 Buried Memory would be released in August, patch 6.18 still grabbed most of the attention. Depending on the quality of Square Enix's steady updates, Patch 6.18 does bring a lot highlights.

1. Crystalline Conflict will open Season 2.

As a competitive mechanism that players are keen to participate in, the first season of Crystalline Conflict is coming to an end. The top 100 players in the Crystalline Conflict competition results in each data center will be able to receive vouchers as a reward.

It's worth noting that rewards need to be claimed before Season 2 ends. At the beginning of Season 2, players who participated in Season 1 will receive five risers based on their rankings, with zero Rising Stars.

2. Large-scale PvP professional ability balance adjustment.

To cooperate with the launch of Crystalline Conflict Season Two, Square Enix once again adjusted the skill effects of each occupation. Among them, the adjustments of Gunbreaker and Dancer are the most significant. The effectiveness of Gunbreaker's skills Burst Strike and Hypervelocity have been enhanced; Dancer's overall skills have been enhanced, and the damage bonus of Saber Dance has been increased from 5% to 10%. But Black Mage, Ninja, and Paladin's skill effects have all been nerfed to some extent.

3. The new Data Center Travel System.

The Data Center Travel System is a mechanism that provides players the opportunity to travel through data centers in different countries. In MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV, social features have always been the most popular part, so the development of the Data Center Travel System is very sensible, so players can get more space for making friends.

The operation of the Data Center Travel System is also very simple and easy to understand. Players only need to select the character to log in, open the submenu and select the "Visit Another Data Center" option and then select the Data Center and World you want to go to.

Entering other data centers will give you the title of "Traveler" and will be able to carry out some mission activities normally. But some functions will also be limited.

From the current situation, this update is the most popular with players, so there is a situation of server overload. Based on this, Square Enix has temporarily disabled settings for overcrowded worlds.

If you want to learn more about it, be sure to visit Not only will the latest Final Fantasy XIV news be featured here, but there will also be FFXIV Gil for sale to help you progress. We will continue to improve the service level to bring you satisfactory service.


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