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FFXIV: Private Housing mechanics are changing

Posted: Jun 25, 2022

Posted: Jun 25, 2022

Source:  IGGM

As Final Fantasy XIV players increasingly demand private housing, Square Enix has indeed taken steps accordingly. After the housing mechanic was introduced in the previous 6.1 patch, the Empyreum housing estates were classified as Free Company or Private Housing wards. And as we enter July, these two wards will be adjusted again to meet the housing needs of players.

The main reason for this adjustment is the scarcity of private housing resources among players. While the lottery system offers a fairer way to give Free Companies and private buyers a chance to get a house, it doesn't appear to have completely solved the problem.

Square Enix announced that the implementation of the changes will begin on July 10 at 8:00 AM PT. At that time, Free Company Housing for wards 1 to 18 will be revised to wards 1 to 9. Meanwhile, Private Housing will be revised from wards 19 to 24, to wards 10 to 24.

This revision can greatly improve the usability of housing, as it speeds up the frequency of housing updates, adding newly vacated properties to the system where every player can bid.

Players don't need to worry about whether this revision will change housing transactions, as Square Enix says the changes to the ward classification won't affect any previously land sold.

Hope we can see more FFXIV updates and improvements for players in July, and IGGM will follow up on related news and information for you as soon as possible. Not only that, but will also provide you with FFXIV Gil for sale and give you basic support for your game progress.


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