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FFXIV: How To Get The Skyslipper Mount Faster?

Posted: Sep 26, 2021

In FFXIV, it is great to complete the main scenario quest with friends, but Chocobo cannot take friends across such a long distance.

Fortunately, there are some mounts that are free and can carry several players. One of them is Skyslipper, which can always be available in the game, while Regalia Type-G can only be used once a year on average.

Skyslipper is a mount that carries 4 players, which is rare among free mounts, because earning FFXIV Gil is not easy, so if you don't want to spend Gil, then try it. If you have completed Shadowbringers, then you can recognize it.

Normally, players who love raids will unlock this mount because it is a drop from the Savage raid in Eden’s Gate: Sepulture. Unlike many other mounts, the drop rate of Skyslipper in this raid is 100%. You need to roll for it because you can only get one each time you complete it.

If you are familiar with savage and extremely short raids, it will be easier to unlock this mount. This raid is not simple, but if you already master most of the advanced mechanics of FFXIV, this is feasible, as long as you choose a class that you are very good at, and check the detailed guide on the boss’ mechanics.

You can use Party Finder to join or create a group, or organize a community event with your free company. It will take you several hours to complete it, but if your teammates have completed it, then you have a chance to complete it within 2 hours.

You need to complete it several times so that everyone can get a copy of the mount.

Now that the release date of Endwalker is getting closer and closer, it seems that some preparations can be made for it, and accumulating FFXIV Gil is part of it. For players who don't want to spend time farming FFXIV Gil in the game, buy FFXIV Gil seems to be more satisfying for them. Based on this, IGGM is a suitable website, because IGGM is a completely legit website where you can find almost all game currencies. IGGM is committed to bringing players a better gaming experience, we not only provide different game currencies, but also ensure fast delivery, which is exactly what players need.


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