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FFXIV Endwalker: Tank and Healer Class Abilities Get Leaked

Posted: Oct 08, 2021

FFXIV is about to release its next expansion - Endwalker. As the release date approaches, developers are also revealing relevant content information.

Recently, IGGM also saw some related leaks on the Internet. Every spell and ability is said to be added or changed with the release of Endwalker. In addition to revealing more details about the class changes that affect existing tanks and healer classes, leaks also revealed Sage's mechanics.

A Reddit user pointed out that the names of these abilities are all Greek medical terms, such as Prognosis, Egeiro, and Icarus. Compared with other classes, Sage may have standard cast time and potency values healing, as well as some potency buff abilities and DoT damage spells. It also disclosed details of the Eukrasia and Adder’s Gall.

Many players have also noticed the changes in Scholar. Leaks show that the use of fairies and other things will be different in Endwalker. It is said that it will gain a new ability - Protraction, which will increase the maximum HP of the team members or self. This will be a unique Scholar. In addition, Fairy's gauges and some related abilities will be reworked.

Previously, in a live letter from the producer, new job rotations were also revealed, including Sage and Reaper. On October 13, a media event will be held. We guess that the leak is related to this event.

All of this is also leaked and not officially confirmed, so it may be different after the release of Endwalker. By the day of the media event, IGGM will also pay attention to more details in time. In order to welcome the arrival of Endwalker, fans can do some preparatory work early. At that time, it seems inevitable to spend FFXIV Gil, so you can often check the price of FFXIV Gil on IGGM, and buy FFXIV Gil when it is at a low price, which can help you save a lot of money.


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