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FFXIV: A Nocturne For Heroes Event Begins With Regalia Mount

Posted: Sep 16, 2021

The A Nocturne for Heroes event has returned to FFXIV, which is the fan's favorite event. Noctis, the protagonist of this event, is from FFXV. He landed in the world of Eorzea and needs help to return to his universe. Comeback and exclusive cosmetic items are available for a limited time, so if you have enough FFXIV Gil, then getting them is easy.

The main focus of this event is the Regalia-G mount, a black luxury car that can carry 4 players. It will only be available during this event and is worth 200,000 MGP. Even if it is expensive, it is possible for players to accumulate so much money in the five-week event.

The other items can also be traded to the Gold Saucer’s Ironworks Hand, but for Magitek pieces are not identified, which are earned in completion of the FATE Like Clockwork located in the Central Thanalan (27, 21).

To start this event, you need to talk to Kipih Jakkya in Steps of Nald of Ul’dah, which is also the NPC in the Rising event. New players may not be able to start this quest because to unlock it requires players to reach level 50 and complete all the main scene quests of A Realm Reborn.

The Nocturne For Heroes event has started and will continue until 9:59 AM CT on October 18th, so you have enough time to complete and unlock the content. If you have already acquired this luxury car, then you can show it off to your friends in the game, and taking them for a drive is also a cool thing.

IGGM provides more FFIXV game guidance, and once Endwalker arrives, players can often come here to buy FFXIV Gil, because Endwalker will be the final chapter of FFXIV, which will bring players an explosive gaming experience. Correspondingly, IGGM will also check the hot discussion topics of the players and share relevant reference articles, which may help players to know more about specific content.


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