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ESO: To Avoid Biden Inauguration Clash, Gates Of Oblivion Will Be Delayed

Posted: Jan 14, 2021

In December of last year, ESO’s Gates of Oblivion DLC has already received much publicity. ZeniMax promised a one-year adventure with the upcoming DLC, so this also made fans very excited. But due to real-life events, ESO fans still need to wait for a while.

It is officially announced that the release time of Gates of Oblivion will be postponed from the original January 21 (Thursday) to January 26 (Tuesday) at 5 PM EST/ 10 PM GMT. ZeniMax made this decision to avoid Biden Inauguration. And they also gave a specific reason: Given recent events, they decided to play it safe. Although ESO’s players are located all over the world, most of their staff work and live near the capital. The developer is located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, which is 60 miles from Washington, DC. Its parent company is located in Rockville, 17 miles from Washington.

The "recent events" obviously refers to the riots in the U.S. Capitol, which resulted in 5 deaths, many injuries, and heavy property losses. The follow-up also caused a lot of aftermaths. Trump was accused of inciting the rebellion, and he was impeached for the second time during his tenure. So before January 20, the situation is very nervous. About 15,000 members of the National Guard have been deployed to the capital city, and they could use lethal weapons. The FBI has started to get down to more than 160 investigation cases and hundreds of people are expected to be arrested.

ESO is not the only ZeniMax property that has encountered recent political turmoil. A participant in the US Capital riots was found to have a strange tattoo on his body, which is believed to be an Antifa logo. Harvey Smith, the co-creator of the series, exposed this conspiracy theory and linked this mark to his work. Therefore, at this special time, the developers believe that it is better to act carefully, and hope that the inauguration will go smoothly and that there will be no more violence.

In short, everyone hopes to live in an era of peace, and it will eventually come. At that time, ESO fans can also concentrate on enjoying the fun that Gates of Oblivion brings to you. And IGGM will frequently update relevant news as well as game guides.

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