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ESO: Mayhem PvP Event is back

Posted: Jul 22, 2022

The Elder Scrolls Online brought Update 35's PTR last week, and the most notable is the adjustment to light and heavy attacks and changes to the damage ability, which the development team introduced to close the gap between players. And now we are about to have a more intuitive opportunity to test the adjustment of the combat system, that is, the Mayhem PvP Event that will be launched next week.

Whitestrake's Mayhem in-game event kicks off on July 28 at 10 AM ET. Players can earn Alliance Points, Tickets and XP while participating in PvP, which can be exchanged for unique event rewards. And can get rich rewards such as clothing, armor packs, PvP jewelry, etc.

All in all, the Mayhem PvP Event requires players to complete PvP competitions to get all the rewards and to exercise a tacit understanding with the team to carry out adventures together. Participating in the event is a wise choice if you really enjoy the sense of achievement that PvP brings and want to experience the adjusted combat system. The way to join the battle is also very simple:

1. Players can get the quest - "Details on the Whitestrake's Mayhem" in the Crown Store in the game.

2. Go to your Alliance War faction's main gate in Cyrodiil.

3. Find the NPC named "Mara the Prophet" and continue the mission. It's worth noting that players who finished last year don't need to do it again.

4. Complete the quest to receive your Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity and a Pelinal's Boon Box.

5. . Use the scroll to enjoy a two-hour, 100% buff in the Alliance War, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds to Alliance Points gained and XP gains for PvP player kill, which means double points can be earned in exchange for More rewards.

House Dufort Banneret Outfit Styles, Black Drake Clanwrap Armor Pack, and a series of game rewards are waiting for you, if you have no confidence in your strength, IGGM will provide you with real improvement services. You can buy ESO Gold here to improve yourself and win in PvP, I believe you can get what you want in the Mayhem PvP Event.


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