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ESO: New character Redguard Dhulef will appear in Lost Depths

Posted: Aug 11, 2022

There has never been a shortage of characters and stories in The Elder Scrolls Oline, and as we get closer to the release of the Lost Depths DLC, more new characters and storylines are gradually being revealed.

Recently, we welcomed Redguard Dhulef and his saga, a retired pirate from the high seas who for various reasons turned into a mage. Bethesda's way of introducing new characters is as special as ever, and this time we'll find out about him from the gossip letter that Ms. Linielle sent to Ms. Lissa.

Redguard Dhulef's handsome looks and pirate-turned-mage story are clearly a hit with many. He enjoys sharing a rich life full of adventure and has a passion for magic. It is worth mentioning that the opportunity for Redguard Dhulef to become a full-time professional is that he was once saved by the Stonelore Druid, and then he decided to learn magic and become a mage.

We don't know what kind of role such a character will play on the advancement of Legacy of the Bretons, or what kind of character it will have a chemical reaction with, we can wait and see.

The Elder Scrolls Oline's latest DLC, Lost Depths, will hit PC on August 22 and consoles on September 6. We will be able to embark on a new journey and meet the active Redguard Dhulef around Castle Mornard. Not only that, there are many secrets hidden in Systres waiting for us to unearth.

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