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ESO: How To Unlock The Armory Station?

Posted: Nov 11, 2021

ESO’s November free update will bring some fixes and new features, including increasing the drop rates of gear pieces you’re missing from the Set collections and adding the Armory System. In ESO, the armory will allow you to quickly switch between custom character builds, allowing you to tackle a delve as a healer and a quest as a DPS-focused build. Regarding this, IGGM will list more detailed information.

In ESO, the armory will provide a significant improvement to the expensive and difficult tasks of swapping builds. It will allow you to complete changes that previously took a long time and required visits to multiple locations. You can change the character's gear, champion points, attributes, abilities, and skill morphs to better adapt to any situation. You can also store your favorite builds at the Armory Station for quick application at any time.

How to unlock the Armory Station?

With the release of the update, the Armory Station will be available for free in the Crown Store, which means you do not need an active ESO Plus Subscription to unlock. Once you buy it, you can put it anywhere in your home, which will bring you a lot of conveniences.

The Armory Assistant will also be added to the Crown Store, but not for free. It is like an assistant before, allowing its benefits to be obtained from anywhere in Tamriel.

What are the Features of the Armory System?

You can title your builds and change the icon that appears next to the title to facilitate searching and sorting. You will have 2 available slots to save your builds that are unique to each character, so if you have 2 characters, then each will have its own 2 slots. You can purchase additional armory slots from the Crown Store to save more builds. So, it will be helpful if you have enough ESO Gold.

The Armory system allows you to quickly change the cursed state according to your preferences. This will provide opportunities to implement interesting and involved ideas, such as tank build using the werewolf skill line, which is easier. The vampirism or lycanthropy and related skill lines previously obtained can be activated or deactivated at the Armory Station or the Armory Assistant at will, saving your time by skipping quests to cure yourself completely.

With the arrival of the update, you can expect a better gaming experience. If you need it, you can always come to IGGM to buy ESO Gold for help.


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