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Elder Scrolls Online: The Best Strategy For Leveling Up Your Jewelry Crafting Skill-Line! - Deconstructing Necklaces & Rings

Posted: Mar 25, 2024

In Elder Scrolls Online, equipping your character with appropriate jewelry can greatly enhance your overall strength. And Jewelry Crafting allows you to make jewelry with any quality and any traits you want. Although it takes a while to reach the highest level, it’s worth it.

In this guide, I’ll show you my best way to quickly level up your Jewelry Crafting Skill-Line in Elder Scrolls Online. Let’s get started now!

Elder Scrolls Online: The Best Strategy For Leveling Up Your Jewelry Crafting Skill-Line! - Deconstructing Necklaces & Rings

Deconstruct Intricate Items

When it comes to leveling up your Jewelry Crafting, deconstructing Necklaces and Rings is the best way to level up your skill line.

Now, to get the most inspiration, you need to deconstruct items with Intricate trait, such as Intricate Necklaces and Rings.

How to get Intricate Jewelry?

This will give you more inspiration than deconstructing ordinary Necklaces and Rings.

Complete Daily Crafting Writs Or Visit Guild Traders

You can earn these by completing Daily Crafting Writs. However, each character can only obtain one piece of Intricate Jewelry per day, so it may be faster to visit Guild Traders to purchase Jewelry.

Specialized Gear Merchant

Now, if you lack ESO Gold to buy Intricate Jewelry, another option I would suggest is to go to any town in Cyrodiil and visit Specialized Gear Merchant. Here you can purchase coffers for any of the following gear sets:

  • Blessing of the Potentates
  • Eagle Eye
  • Grace of the Ancients
  • Vengeance Leech
  • Wrath of the Imperium

The downside to buying these coffers is that you’ll get random jewelry or weapons, so keep your fingers crossed that you’ll get most of the jewelry. However, if you do end up getting weapons, they sell well at Guild Traders.

Elder Scrolls Online: How to get Intricate Jewelry?

Farming Dolmens

Now, if you have neither gold nor Alliance Points, maybe you can try farming for jewelry. To do this, head to Auridon, Deshaan, or Alik’r Desert, as these locations have multiple Dolmens near Wayshrine.

After completing Dolmens, you will receive a chest that contains at least one Necklace or Ring from Overland Sets.

Usually, when you go to any of these locations, there are already players farming it. So as you enter each zone, you can post the team you are looking for in the zone chat and usually you will find a team to complete the task.

Pro Tips

When you go from one Dolmen to another, make sure you use skills like Razor Caltrops or Wall Of Elements. Because they have a wide area of effect, using these skills will allow you to kill multiple mobs, guaranteeing that you will receive a chest after Dolmen is completed.

However, farming these Dolmens can get boring for a long time, so I recommend that you try queuing into normal dungeons, as you have a chance of getting jewelry from the bosses and chests of each dungeon.

People often wonder why they didn’t try Veteran Dungeon first, where they can get purple jewelry. However, usually normal dungeons you can get through faster, which will give you a better chance of getting jewels.

Elder Scrolls Online: How do I level up Jewelry Crafting? - Deconstruct Jewelry

Deconstruct Jewelry

When your luggage is full, head to Jewelry Crafting Station. Before you start deconstructing items, you first need to invest 45 points in Inspiration Boost, which will increase the amount of Inspiration you get from deconstructing items. Also, don’t forget to add another 50 points in Meticulous Disassembly, which will increase the chance of getting back the materials after deconstructing the item. This will allow you to craft jewelry later.

Once your Champion Points are slotted, you can start deconstructing! You can continue filling your bags and deconstructing items until you reach level 4.

At level 4, you will need to place a skill point in Jewelry Extraction, which will again increase your chances of retrieving raw materials so that you can continue making jewelry later. Then, continue allocating skill points and deconstructing gear until you reach level 50.

All in all, I hope this Jewelry Crafting guide will be helpful to you. I hope you can have a pleasant crafting experience.


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