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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Effectively Level Up Your Alliance Skill Lines Outside Of PVP?

Posted: Mar 23, 2024

Posted: Mar 23, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Lately, I often come across a situation where a lot of PVE players don’t intend to actually learn how to PVP, but they still want to level up their Alliance Skill Lines quickly. If this is the case for you, then don’t miss this guide.

Here, I’ll share some tips to help you level up your Assault and Support Skill Lines effectively without fighting other players. Let’s get straight to it!

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Effectively Level Up Your Alliance Skill Lines Outside Of PVP?

How To Get Alliance Points Quickly?

Here are two ways to earn Alliance Points without fighting other players. First, perform repeatable daily missions from Town and Scouting Missions. Second, repair the walls and doors in Friendly-Castles and Outposts.

The first method will be fairly obvious to anyone who has completed some PVE content in the game, and will yield rewards such as Set items and Pelinal’s Boon Boxes. However, the second method, while boring, earns Alliance Points much faster.

Buy Repair Kits

To repair Keep-Walls, you first need to stock up on Keep Wall Masonry Repair Kit and Keep Door Woodwork Repair Kits. I would focus mainly on the walls, as the door is usually fixed after the crew that just conquered it captures the keep.

You can purchase these Repair Kits from Guild Traders. It’s worth noting that since some PVE players don’t intend to use them, you can also trade with them to get these Kits, but check the price first.

NPC merchants sell them for 90 ESO Gold or 200 Alliance Points. These Siege Merchants can be found at every Keep and major Alliance base.

Elder Scrolls Online: How to repair broken Keep-Walls?

Find The Broken Wall

You then need to equip these Repair Kits in your quick slots and use them while standing near a wall or gate. A damaged portion of a Keep can be identified from a distance by the scaffolding equipment surrounding it, or up close by observing its health bar. Finding the right location for Repair Kits work isn’t always obvious.

How To Maximize Alliance Points Gains?

Now let’s talk about how to maximize your Alliance Points gains from these actions to help earn some passive bonuses.


First, owning all 5 Home Keeps earns you Home Keep Bonus, which increases XP, Alliance Points, and coins earned by 5%.

Enemy Keep Bonus depends on the number of Keeps your faction controls on the map, up to 15%. This increases XP, Alliance Points, and gold you earn from kills by 11%, and your weapon and spell critical hits by 5%.

Players who own Drakelowe Keep, Castle Brindle, and Fort Dragonclaw will receive an Edge Keep Score Bonus of 8% each.

These three bonuses are outside of your control, but try to choose campaigns where your faction dominates. After killing Delve Boss in Cyrodiil, you will get Blessing of War buff, which gives you a 20% Alliance Points bonus for 1 hour.


You can also use the consumables: Colovian War Torte, Molten War Torte, and White-Gold War Torte to get 50%, 100%, or 150% bonus respectively. The first one is cheap, but the last two cost a lot of money.

Healer Sets

You can also use Mora’s Whispers to speed up alliance ranking and skill progress by 10% without requiring Alliance Points. Also, Healer Sets, especially those that boost healing, are also helpful as they increase AP gain. Because from a game perspective, we’re healing castle structures.

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get More Alliance Points?


Although repairing Keep-Walls is boring, reaching level 6 with Assault and Support Skill Lines is relatively quick thanks to the double Alliance Points bonus for ongoing activities, requiring a total of 188,000 AP to do so. Usually, that’s all it takes to satisfy PVE needs to level up Skill Lines. See you next time!


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