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Elder Scrolls Online: How to Collect your Tickets and Event Boxes in 2023 Undaunted Event?

Posted: Sep 08, 2023

ESO's Undaunted Event has returned! This is unarguably one of the better events in the game.

Introductory Quest

You can start the Undaunted Celebration by completing the introductory quest “Glory of Introductory Quest the Undaunted.” You can pick up the quest by speaking to Serileth at any Undaunted Enclave, traveling to an Impresario tent, or by picking it up for free in the Crown Store.

If you aren’t already at the Undaunted Enclave when you pick up the quest, it will show you where to go. Simply speaking to Serileth at one of the 3 Undaunted Enclaves will complete the quest.

After completing the introductory quest, you just need to complete dungeons to participate in the event!

Elder Scrolls Online: How to Collect your Tickets and Event Boxes in 2023 Undaunted Event?

How to Get Tickets and Boxes?

You will earn a reward box upon defeating the last boss in 4-man dungeons on Normal or Veteran difficulty.

The first time you defeat the final boss of a dungeon each day, you will receive a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box as an additional loot drop. You will also get 2 event tickets with the first drop of the day.

Update 39 Ticket Collection Changes

With Update 39, if you are unsuccessful in claiming your 2 Tickets, you will now be able to loot them again from another source.

Subsequent final bosses reward regular Undaunted Reward boxes, and you can also get one regular box per day by completing Bolgruls Undaunted daily delve quest.

Contents of Boxes

Each event box drops a BONUS set piece from an item set of the dungeon that you complete. That means that you can collect set pieces for your collection twice as fast!

If there are sets that you have been needing to farm for your build, now is the time! Event boxes also drop one of the following:

  • A random Motif Page from the styles that drop in most DLC dungeons
  • 1,000 ESO Gold
  • An Undaunted Key
  • Crown Repair Kits
  • Riding Lessons

The once per day Glorious Undaunted Reward Box can contain any of these items. But it also has a chance to drop one of the listed opal monster weapon styles.

Grouping Options

To get the rewards, you don’t have to complete the dungeon with a premade group or with a queue finder group.

So, if you’re strong enough, you can go solo, or just bring 1 friend and companions.

How to Get to Dungeons besides Activity Finder?

You can teleport right into the dungeon if you have it on your map, or have someone in your group who is already there.

Warning: Fungal Grotto Runs Inbound

Since all that is required is defeating the final boss, base game dungeons will be a lot faster. So, prepare your psyche for the onslaught of Fungal Grotto runs that you will inevitably be queued into!

Opal Helmets and Shoulders

During the event, when you loot a specific dungeon’s final boss after defeating them on Veteran Hardmode, you will also have a great chance to loot its associated opal monster mask style page.

Listed here are the bosses and their dungeons.

Elder Scrolls Online the bosses and their dungeons

If you own a base version of a monster shoulder style, you can also acquire the opal version of the same style from the undaunted vendors, at a cost of Undaunted Keys.

Picking a specific opal style page costs 50 keys, while special coffers with a random opal shoulder style page cost 25.

How to Get Undaunted Keys?

In addition to getting them from reward boxes, you can get keys from Undaunted Pledges.

What are Pledges?

When you reach level 45, you can start accepting pledges by reading the undaunted invitation you receive in your level up rewards.

Pledges are special daily dungeon quests that ask you to complete specific dungeons. You can pick up the pledges from the NPCs found in the Undaunted Enclave.

How Many Keys Can I Get from Pledges?

Upon completing a pledge and handing it in, you get an Undaunted Key.

If you complete the dungeon on veteran, with hard mode activated, you get 2 keys!

Warning: Save Some Tickets If You Don’t Own Necrom

If you don’t own Necrom, and won’t be buying it for the next event, I recommend keeping 10 tickets on hand at the end of the event, as the next event is the Necrom Celebration and you will be paywalled from collecting tickets.


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