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Elden Ring: Why The Invader Was Accidentally Killed

Posted: Mar 21, 2023

Posted: Mar 21, 2023

Source:  IGGM

There will always be many strange things happening in Elden Ring, and many players have become accustomed to it. Some even say that these strange surprises are one of the reasons why Elden Ring remains popular.

There’s always something going on here that you don’t expect, be it on purpose or not. At any moment, the player may encounter a powerful boss around the next corner, or find that Malenia facing him suddenly becomes more powerful in the second phase of the battle.

Players will find many surprises in Elden Ring PVP. A bad thing happened to one of the intruders recently. As Elden Ring raider prepares to enter the world to sneak attack another player, he suddenly finds himself out of control and at the mercy of Cultic.

Roleplaying in Elden Ring PVP is not a strange thing, since Demon’s Souls, there are always players who like to do it. Players like to create a brand new character themselves, whether it’s a made-up character or a novel.

Invader Was Accidentally Killed

Players enjoy interacting with other players by pretending to be characters they create themselves. In one famous example, an Elden Ring player used his own Maneater Mildred to intimidate other old players in PVP and Dark Souls.

It doesn’t hurt that this kind of role-playing puts an interesting layer on the creepy atmosphere of the game itself, and at the same time provides players with a more impressive gaming experience.

Lucaine, an Elden Ring player, uploaded a video on r/Eldenring of an invasion they encountered during their adventure. During their normal exploration, an Elden Ring intruder suddenly appeared.

When Lucaine was about to fight the invaders, three cloaked Cultic players suddenly appeared in front of them. One of the players approached the intruder, and the other two followed suit, surrounding the intruder.

The intruder begged and huddled between them. Then, Cultic players use magic damage on the invaders, they just knock the invaders down, but don’t hurt the invaders. Until one of them used a more powerful spell to kill it completely. The entire process is like some kind of murder ritual, weird and surprising.


The magic these Cultic players use is actually called Rejection, which then knocks the invaders down. But then, they can also switch to Wrath of Gold, and can use the same type of skill as Rejection, Holy Damage. This skill will completely kill the invaders.

The example where the player was killed with magic by Glintstone Sorcerers trapped behind the statue. Many players found this incident very interesting, and many players said that the reason they killed the invaders was because they did not take the initiative to resist, but flinched and begged for mercy.

Elden Ring is full of surprises, and no player knows exactly what’s going on at all times. Maybe you’ll just encounter a mediocre fight, maybe you can kill a powerful boss in that Lake of Rot in Elden Ring. That’s the beauty of being in Elden Ring, even though intruders can be killed suddenly by the cult.

If you also want to experience it, don’t forget to prepare your equipment before playing. You can do it by getting enough Elden Ring Runes. Also, you can get 5% off with the code “CSCCA” here. Hope you enjoy the game.


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