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Elden Ring: Why Valiant Gargoyles Are So Hard To Beat

Posted: Mar 22, 2023

Players will encounter a total of 165 boss fights in Elden Ring. Every battle is unpredictable, and even FromSoftware cannot guarantee victory in every battle. This is evident in the battle between the player and Valiant Gargoyles in Elden Ring.

The powerful boss here in Valiant Gargoyles is not entirely due to the player’s inability to defeat the enemy and the need to struggle through multiple battles. It’s because of the special mechanism of this boss that the player can no longer try the experience of previous battles. This is mainly because Valiant Gargoyles have two separate combat mechanisms, and players cannot coordinate attacks on two enemies.

In fact, we can see the problem of this boss battle from the conflict between the player’s equipment and the enemy’s basic mechanism design.

Elden Ring Valiant Gargoyles Boss Fight

Valiant Gargoyles understand that some players will not use toolkits, and any effects on Elden Ring do not affect enemies, whether attacking or defending. This also means that this Frostbite or Bleeding type of poison won’t be able to harm Gargoyle at all.

This will limit the player to fight the boss with the various Swords, Claws, Spears and anything that doesn’t deal a lot of damage from Elden Ring. It’s just that this Valiant Gargoyles have a way of making the player unavailable to fight with other gear options.

In addition to the very limited ways in which players can attack Valiant Gargoyles, more importantly, these bosses will deal damage to players in different ways. At the same time, it will make different actions before the attack, making the whole attack process longer.

All problems with Gargoyles alone during any playthrough of Elden Ring are serious enough. There are even a few moments where players are alone against Gargoyles or Black Blade Kindred variants, already highlighting how long and unrewarding this fight is.

How To Defeat Valiant Gargoyle

However, fighting just one of these Valiant Gargoyles isn’t as scary as if the game decides to put two Gargoyles in the same room and have them fight at the same time.

In addition, Valiant Gargoyles also have two different attack skills, namely the summon wind and exhale poison abilities. It is usually difficult for players to resist these two attacks.

The main damage to the wind attack is that it can easily attack around the player without any assistance. At the same time, the wind attack lasts for a long time, and one dodge can not resist it.

The poisonous fog attack will affect the player’s line of sight, and at the same time, have a great impact on the state of the player character. Neither of these attacks can do a staggering amount of damage to the player, but when combined, Valiant Gargoyles will more easily move behind the player and deliver the killing blow.

Of course, players don’t have to worry too much. As long as you can use weapons proficiently and prepare basic equipment, you can also challenge Valiant Gargoyles. You can also help your character build by getting enough Elden Ring Runes. Plus, you can get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”. Come and try it out.


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