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Elden Ring: Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Gameplay Trailer Just Dropped, Have You Noticed These Details?

Posted: May 20, 2024

Posted: May 20, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring DLC will be released on June 21st, 2024, which is less than a month away. Hard to believe I know it really is almost here, but what that means for us as fans is that the marketing cycle is now beginning. 

Up to this point, we’ve had seen trailers and interviews from Miyazaki revealing information about DLC promotional tweets by the official account sharing little bits of lore alongside new images and a community contest.

In the time we now have left leading up to Elden Ring DLC release. 

We have reason to believe another trailer is on the way likely some more gameplay as well, and part of the reason for that is that some people are getting to play the DLC early. 

They will recharge a lot of Elden Ring Runes in the game to ensure that they can defeat the boss easily.

And that is confirmed. We’re going to break down what we know about that and what that means for the rest of us. 

But we have just seen a new image of a new boss for DLC. And of course we have to discuss what this is because these DLC designs are looking crazy. 

Now let’s get into it. 

Elden Ring: Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Gameplay Trailer Just Dropped, Have You Noticed These Details?

New DLC Boss

Let’s start off today by talking about this new boss that has just been revealed in an Elden Ring post . The official account posted fearsome foes of unfathomable power await you in the realm of Shadow. With an image of what can only be described as a crazy-looking enemy design. And there’s so much going on here.

First of all, this enemy is extremely hunched over. We see two big Chalk Rums in their hands, a crazy amount of Omen Horns on their head, long white hair which we’ll get into and this very ornate Goldmask that appears to be broken on one side. And if you look closely at the top, it seems like they’re crawling out of some sort of Shadow. So there’s a lot to break down here.

First of all this is the second time we’ve seen these sorts of Chums. So based on the fact that we are getting a new weapon type that are throwables. I think it’s safe to say that these are going to be new weapon type for the player that we can wield as well. 

Now, based on the appearance of the boss itself, at least I’m assuming this is a boss. We can see on the head there are a lot of Omen Horns which is also something we’ve seen fairly commonly in DLC trailer.

Now the presence of Omen's horns can mean a lot of things. It can be because of Curse and the spread of the Omen horns from America’s unwanted children, such as Mohg and Morgott, stemming from the powers of The Crucible and the mixing of all these aspects of life.

And The Crucible does seem to be the primary theme we’re seeing consistently throughout all DLC material. So, if there was any doubt, that’s going to be a major part of it. 

Here’s even more evidence and another sign that points to that is the fact that this creature has white hair which is also indicative of ancient things such as those emerging from Crucible or very old cultures in Elden Ring. We see white hair on Mohg and Morgott and Omens. We see it on the dragons. We see it on the prehistoric Zamor Knights and Godfrey himself. 

All of which have ties to one of those aspects, and the black shadow that we see this creature emerging from is also a product of Omens. We see this in Fell Twins fight and Mohg. Omen emerge this way. So definitely more connections there and about that Goldmask on his face.

I think that’s very similar to what the ancient cultures used to do, such as Zamor Knights and the houses of Hoslow and Morray, which are from outside the Lands Between. But the most striking part of this image to me is actually the posture in which he’s standing. It’s almost exactly like what we see Godwyn do after he’s killed by Black Knives.

Now, even though I think we are going to see lots of stuff associated with Godwyn. In DLC, I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is him. Godwyn doesn’t really have any association with anything with Omen or Crucible. 

For that matter, and he wears a blue robe instead of the orange one we see here. And we see lots of aquatic features on him after his transformation. So I think if they were to depict his boss fight. It would be more along the lines of some kind of sea monster or giant Basilisks. This has me so excited. I love this kind of stuff and the design here is just so cool. I can’t wait to fight this guy .

Early DLC Play Session

So with Elden Ring DLC drawing near. BANDAI NAMCO is upping their marketing efforts, resulting in kind of perfect storm for this DLC. 

But part of the question was is that since Shadow Of The Erdtree is just a DLC and not a full game. Are they going to be treating it the same way? A lot of us were hoping everything was going to be kept quiet about this until release. That way, we could all jump in blind.

And while I think this was supposed to be, for the most part, kept quiet. But I do know quite a bit about how these events work and here’s what I think we can expect. They’re probably going to be in a limited section of it. My guess would be the first open field, take on a little Dungeon or two like the Caves or Catacombs and then fight likely one main boss. If I had to put money on it, my personal guess would probably be the lion dance.

Given that we’ve already seen a lot of this fight in the trailer, Miyazaki has given us a bit of lore behind it and it wouldn’t really be much of a spoiler. Now I highly doubt that they’ll be able to fight Messmer himself. Even though he is a kind of the focus of the trailer, I’m sure he’s got a second phase.

Now all of that is just pure speculation on my part and an educated guess based on what they’ve done in the past. Now will we get to see that game play. That’s an educated guess, but when it comes to pre-release stuff like this, where they’re in an open environment if somebody veers off the intended path. 

Possible New Trailer

The official will release a new trailer next. It’s possible we could get something like a story trailer or a cinematic trailer, which I really hope we do, but given the timing of this event. I think some curated gameplay is much more likely now a counter argument that somebody’s likely to make is based on the contest they’re running with all the fan-made videos. Could that be the reason why they’re updating Elden Ring playlist?

So based on that, it’s probably something official that’s on the way. Now this isn’t 100% confirmation that we’re getting another trailer for the DLC or even more gameplay but these playlist updates were a Telltale sign of DLC trailer being on the way. 

So you’re free to make your own conclusions. Now my question to you is, do you even want to see more of DLC? Personally, I think we’ve seen enough already. I just want to go in blind.

Those are some thoughts on the new Elden Ring DLC. I’m looking forward to its final release.


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