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Elden Ring: TheEldenCasual Create Weird Hybrid Between Kratos And Waluigi

Posted: Jun 28, 2023

I believe that many players are familiar with the mix and match of characters in Elden Ring. Some characters look funny, but are very popular with players. In Weirdest video game mashups ever, there's a creative Elden Ring player, named TheEldenCasual, who created a hilarious combo of Kratos and Waluigi.

Elden Ring Create


This player felt Elden Ring didn't already have enough disturbing creatures wandering between the fantastical lands, so took advantage of the game's powerful character creator to design a Kratos from God of War and a Waluigi from Super Mario Bros, a mix of funny and scary.

Elden Ring

While many players of FromSoftware's critically acclaimed action RPG have demonstrated the versatility of Elden Ring's character creation system, this unique mashup of inspiration may be one of the game's strangest custom characters yet.

Something About Elden Ring

Released for PC and consoles in early 2022, Elden Ring takes the sombre setting and tough but fair combat that have become FromSoftware's hallmark and brings it to the open world for the first time. In the game, players can use some Elden Ring Items to equip themselves to make themselves stronger, and they can also get rich game Loot, such as Elden Ring Runes. The overall game experience is very good. By the way, everybody can use coupon code "CSCCA" to get 5% OFF.

Elden Ring appealed to an audience far beyond the developer's die-hard fanbase and attracted millions of new players to join, showing that it was possible to create a Souls-like game that the average player could still play and enjoy. In Elden Ring, in addition to gorgeous visual effects, there are also memorable bosses, which have been praised by game players and critics. Elden Ring's character creator has also been praised by players for giving players the freedom to design their characters with just about anything they can imagine.

Creation of TheEldenCasual

In a new post on Eldenring, Redditor TheEldenCasual has shown off their bizarre mashup of Kratos and Waluigi, which may have some players wondering if Elden Ring's character creators are giving players too much freedom.

TheEldenCasual's post, titled "I Made a Mistake," shows a screenshot of a created character with Waluigi's prominent, angular jaw and nose, but with the muscularity and paleness of God of War's prickly protagonist Kratos.

Elden Ring Redditor

This isn't the first time Luigi's devious doppelganger has been mixed with another series though, last year another player combined Waluigi and Pokemon Lugia to equally hilarious results.

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Comments From Redditors

Redditors responding to TheEldenCasual's hilariously titled "The God of Wah!" seem to love the unfortunate-looking creation, with one response: "You see a mistake...I see a masterpiece." Another a Reddit user replied that the only mistake TheEldenCasual made was not sharing screenshots of the slider values used to create hilarious mixes.

Other responses were less concerned with the impressively weird character creation and expressed surprise at how long it took to farm Magma Blades used to recreate Kratos' signature weapon, the Blades of Chaos.

With a sly grin and hilariously exaggerated facial features, the squinting bastard child of Kratos and Waluigi might just be one of the weirdest characters Elden Ring has ever created.

The hybrid of Kratos and Waluigi created by players has received a lot of attention from players. If you are also interested in this, you can also try it.


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