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Elden Ring: Bandai Namco Shows Some Stats About 5 Enemies And Farming Location

Posted: Jul 03, 2023

Hello Elden Ring fans! Today I'm going to tell you some curious new Elden Ring stats that reveal how many players are using late game farming techniques to farm runes.

Elden Ring Runes

Something You Need To Know

Bandai Namco recently published a list of the top five enemies killed by players in Elden Ring, and the stats will help you better understand the famous rune-growing area of Mohgwyn Palace. This popular location provides a ton of experience in the late game and is vital for players looking to farm Elden Ring Runes quickly. You can also buy it, and everybody can use coupon code "CSCCA" to get 5% OFF.

Elden Ring Mohgwyn Palace Plus

Some Stats About Elden Ring

It's no secret that Elden Ring is hugely popular. Previous information about the game showed that it sold more than 20 million copies in a year or so and was considered one of the best games of 2022 by critics and players alike. In 2023, the popularity of the game has not diminished but increased. During this period, millions of people have explored Lands Between and killed a surprising number of enemies. Fortunately, game publishers are documenting this information, and now gamers have a unique look at how people are playing FromSoftware's latest title.

Elden Ring Lands Between

The new information revealed by the publisher of Elden Ring, Bandai Namco, shows that so far gamers have defeated a total of 197 billion enemies, which is about 24 times the population of the earth. How popular it is with players.

5 Enemies With The Most Kills

Next, let me introduce to you, the top 5 enemies with the most kills in Elden Ring are:

  • Albinauric (Curved Sword) killed 3.4 billion times.
  • Albinauric (Club) with 9.4 billion deaths.
  • Exiled Soldier (Crossbow) with 4 billion deaths.
  • Demi-Human (Curved Sword, Short) who was killed by 3 billion times.
  • Putrid Corpse (Magic) who was killed 8.9 billion times.

Elden Ring Albinaurics

These enemies posted above together account for almost 15% of the total number of defeated enemies in the game. If you're an experienced Elden Ring player, you might think that most enemies can be found in Mohgwyn Palace. And with the above stats, you can see that the Albinaurics are a pretty easy kill there. So if you want quick Farm Runes, Albinaurics is a good choice.

Best Farming Location

Veteran players of Elden Ring know that Mohgwyn Palace is the best farming location in Elden Ring, and the statistics show that players have abused it to an absurd degree. One Elden Ring farming trick that was very popular with fans early in the game involved teleporting into Mohgwyn Palace early in the game, running directly to the Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Mohgwyn Palace

You can kill as much as you want in Mohgwyn Palace, if your character is strong enough. But if your damage level is not high, it is recommended that you still refer to the data published above and choose a suitable enemy to fight, which will help you survive longer.

Some other stats revealed by Bandai Namco are also very interesting, like right now. Elden Ring players have also started 82 million Colosseum battles and respawned 38.6 million times. In addition, 11.7 million people have acquired one of the most powerful items in the game - Moonlight Greatsword.

Elden Ring Moonlight Greatsword

Of course, those numbers will continue to increase as more and more people play Elden Ring after the release of the upcoming expansion.


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