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Elden Ring: The patch 1.05 contains interesting secret changes

Posted: Jun 27, 2022

Posted: Jun 27, 2022

Source:  IGGM

In order to bring more exciting adventures to players, Elden Ring constantly improves the game through regular updates. Its most recent update took place in mid-June, and FromSoftware brought the long-awaited patch 1.05. While the overall update is dominated by a large number of bug fixes, it also contains a few additional elements. Interestingly, many players are keen to find something special in the updated The Lands Between, as there are some changes not listed in the official description.

1. The value of Golden Runes has finally been clearly told.

Golden Runes are one of the common consumables in the game and a form of storage for Elden Ring Runes, which players can usually get by defeating monsters.

However, until the release of patch 1.05, the exact value has not been shown. Now players can see its description, no longer guessing its value as before, now we can more easily arrange the use and configuration of this resource.

2. Players can enter the Nokron area through map markers.

If you're at this stage right now, you'll see that after you defeat the Starscourge Radahn, the cutscenes that follow show the stars and the universe re-moving, including a meteor streaking across and forming a giant pit in The Lands Between.

This pit will be the only way for players to enter the optional area Nokron, paving the way for Ranni's quest line. But before the change, players didn't immediately know exactly where the meteor fell, and it took some exploration to find the entrance, and it was frustrating.

Now, patch 1.05 brings a solution. The game automatically creates map markers to help us find the entrance.

In any case, these changes have brought a boost to the player's game flow and allowed players to have a better gaming experience. Although these secret changes are not clearly shown in the description, they surprise us.

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