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Elden Ring: Randomiser mod brings an invisible boss

Posted: Jun 23, 2022

Games developed by FromSoftware have always filled fans with enthusiasm for secondary creation. At this stage, it seems that the DLC of Elden Ring has not been accurately released, but various unofficial mods have brought us new experiences time and time again.

Following the previous highly talked about survival mods and "all bosses are Malenia" mods, a mod with a high level of randomness has recently emerged that caught the attention of fans because in it we saw a Elden Ring bossfight that had never seen before.

The Randomiser mod randomises and mixes original boss codes to create a random boss fight experience in different locations. This mod is full of unknowns and challenges, players will not know who the next random enemy is, and more importantly, may even have different names and attributes from the original data.

What really made the randomiser mod famous was a video uploaded by a YouTuber named MythyMoo. MythyMoo arrives where he should have fought against Night's Cavalry in the mod, but surprisingly, with the sound of heavy chains and footsteps, there appears an invisible boss named "Night Hunter."

In regular Elden Ring games, there is no such boss at all, so we don't know anything about him. And because of the randomness of the mix, it seems to be very powerful, and with the stealth properties, MythyMoo took a lot of work to beat this boss.

As for the origin of "Night Hunter", some people speculate that it is due to the invasion type trigger when Bell Bearing Hunter appeared. Interestingly, players seem to be interested in both the boss and the mod and applaud MythyMoo's brave confrontation. Whether or not this boss will be recreated remains to be seen, but it does add a whole new level of fun to Elden Ring.

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