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Elden Ring: The Best Places To Farm Bloodstained Dagger Revealed!

Posted: May 24, 2024

As we all know, the exciting Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will be officially released on June 21, 2024, and we have less than a month to make final preparations for it before then!

Here we will show how to get Bloodstained Dagger and build an Overpowered Build. Bloodstained Dagger is definitely a unique dagger in its class because it scales better with Strength.

Many people may think that it does the same thing as Cinquedea. But the difference is that Cinquedea cannot be infused with Ashes of War or enhanced with elements, while Bloodstained Dagger can.

Elden Ring: The Best Places To Farm Bloodstained Dagger Revealed!

Bloodstained Dagger Overview

Bloodstained Dagger scales mainly with Strength and, to a lesser extent, Dexterity. It is an excellent weapon for close-range melee. This dagger is used in conjunction with Quickstep skill to help gain positional advantage. Not only does it avoid damage while providing opportunities for combo attacks, in addition, this special dagger passively builds bleed.

Dagger with Bloodstained Blade causes the target to bleed. As the blood from repeated slashing and stabbing damage darkens the dagger, its blade only gets sharper and tougher.

How To Farm Bloodstained Dagger?

Next, let’s get back to the actual subject of this guide and see where we can get this unique dagger. It can only be dropped by an enemy called Demi-Human Chiefs.

This type of enemy is actually quite rare in the game. But I will tell you two locations where you can spawn monsters. One is more suitable for the early game, and the other is suitable for when your character is no longer a defenseless weakling. Now let’s see what tips are worth paying attention to when farming these two locations.

Wooden Bridge In Weeping Peninsula

The first location is the easiest because there is only one Demi-Human Chief here. It is located on the east side of this wooden bridge in Weeping Peninsula.

Start from the south of Forest Lookout Tower Sites of Grace and follow the road to the west. You will see the lazy junkyard dog napping instead of guarding the bridge. We can kill them easily. Don’t forget to see if it drops anything, then go back to Sites of Grace and repeat.

Farming this mob isn’t difficult, but I will warn you in advance that these are one of those mobs that drop a lot of junk items. So don’t expect too much when you see loot on them.

Don’t be too disappointed though, you can also sell these items at the auction house for some extra Elden Ring Runes. More importantly, this location meets your early needs to farm Bloodstained Dagger. But if this location is so easy to spawn monsters, why go to another location?

Elden Ring Bloodstained Dagger Drop Location

Hermit Village

This is because the next Hermit Village has two Demi-Human Chiefs, and they are the same distance away. So this means that there is almost twice the chance of dropping this unique dagger compared to the last location.

It’s best to start with Primeval Sorcerer Azur Sites of Grace. There is a boss just a few meters away from Sites of Grace. You don’t need to defeat her, but I strongly recommend that you do so to make your farming task easier.

Starting at Sites of Grace, look south and continue along the wall to your right until you find the first Demi-Human Chief. Wake him up from his nap. After killing him, check to see if he dropped anything. Then look southeast and you’ll see another chief near some barrels. Wake him up and defeat him one last time to see if he drops anything. Then run back to Sites of Grace and repeat the process.

I need to remind you that not all of these Demi-Human Chiefs will drop Bloodstained Blade the first time you kill them. So, be prepared to be patient and RNG gods will favor you!

How To Farm More Efficiently?

If you die, choose to respawn at Stakes of Marika, as it’s very close to them. Stakes of Marika in Elden Ring is a temporary respawn point for the form of a Statue.

You first need to interact with one of the statues. If you happen to die near one statue, you can choose to respawn there. But when you leave the area again after respawning there, if you die again, you will no longer be allowed to respawn there.

You can also let other Demi-Humans kill you after you defeat Chief so that you can respawn at Stakes of Marika and farm faster.

If you’re respawning at Rennala to increase your Arcane level, you can even keep your health low so that you can die more easily.

Keep in mind that there are some Demi-Humans in this area that throw grenades that have a large area of ​​effect and deal a lot of damage over time, which can disrupt this strategy.

Finally, I also want to remind you that all Demi-Humans are particularly vulnerable to fire damage. So keep that in mind if you want to take out these troublesome monsters as quickly as possible.

That’s it for the best places to farm Bloodstained Blade and some key farming tips. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to get this unique dagger faster and help your build get to the next level!


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