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Elden Ring: An Ideal Choice For The New Game Plus - Glintstone Kris Build

Posted: May 24, 2024

This time, I'll be presenting a New Game Plus build centered on the Glenstone Kris in Elden Ring. If you've been looking for a dagger build that can hit enemies from a distance and deal massive critical damage, then you might want to check this build out. Let's get started!

Elden Ring: An Ideal Choice For The New Game Plus - Glintstone Kris Build

Glintstone Kris Explained

At first glance, the Glenstone Chris may not seem extraordinary. With its 110 critical rating, it falls within the average range for daggers in the game. Its length and damage are decent, and its lightweight nature makes it suitable for various dagger-centric builds. However, what truly sets this weapon apart is its unique weapon skill - Glenstone Dart.

Glenstone Dart operates similarly to Glenstone Pebble, a feature found on some other weapons. When activated, it launches a magic damage projectile that can be followed up with a thrusting attack. This skill offers several advantages, providing a ranged option at moderate distance and allowing for a close-range follow-up attack if enemies draw near before the skill is complete.

Compared to Glenstone Pebble, Glenstone Dart boasts some notable differences. Firstly, it inflicts higher damage but comes at a slightly higher FP cost. Despite the increased cost, the higher damage output justifies the expense. Another significant distinction is that Glenstone Dart can pierce through enemies, hitting those positioned behind the primary target.

Furthermore, players can charge Glenstone Dart by holding down the button, delivering even greater damage at the cost of extended skill duration. This feature enhances the skill's efficiency, allowing players to dispatch foes more effectively with fewer casts.

In essence, Glenstone Dart offers versatility and effectiveness, making it a preferable choice for many situations, particularly as players progress into New Game Plus. Pairing it with the Carian Knight's Shield - especially for builds emphasizing high Intelligence.


Now, let's discuss the armor setup. I recommend opting for the Black Knife Armor to suppress our movement, allowing for easier backstabbing and occasionally disorienting enemies while we dispatched them at range with Glenstone Darts. If you have a sufficient amount of Elden Ring Runes, you can also change the armor set to your liking.

Elden Ring Black Knife Armor

This stealth element can often catch adversaries off guard, allowing for strategic advantages. While not invisible or constantly sneaking, it does provide a tactical edge in situations where enemies fail to detect you, enabling surprise attacks.

The remaining armor pieces are part of the Spellblade set, enhancing the damage output of Glenstone Dart by 2% per piece. With three pieces equipped, we gain a total of 6% additional damage. Although not utilizing the chest piece for the full 8% bonus, the trade-off for muffled footsteps is deemed more favorable.


Moving on to talismans of this build, our focus is on maximizing Glenstone Dart's damage potential.

  • Shard of Alexander: This item serves to amplify damage further, contributing to the potency of our attacks.
  • Magic Scorpion Charm: As the skill predominantly deals 100% magic damage, this charm proves invaluable in enhancing our magical prowess.
  • Ritual Sword Talisman: Offering a 10% damage increase when at full health, this talisman aligns perfectly with our build's focus on minimizing damage taken, thereby maximizing damage dealt.
  • Godfrey Icon: Particularly effective during charged versions of the Glenstone Dart, the Godfree Icon significantly augments damage output, especially during these heightened attacks.

Great Rune

When it comes to the Great Rune for this build, you're probably either going to use Godric or Radahn's. With 6 stats requiring allocation, and strength only needing a couple of points, the majority still leans towards 5 stats. Hence, Godric is probably the better choice.

Opting for Radahn's would grant you more stamina, FP, and health. While beneficial, this build doesn't particularly demand extra FP since you tend not to get hit frequently. However, when you do, the added HP can be a boon. Stamina issues are also minimal. Overall, Godric seems preferable, but you can use either that or Radahn's.

Final Thought

Lastly, I want to mention that you can play this as a dual-wield build if you want to drop the shield. The best approach is to pair in the offhand with an infusible dagger, such as the Cold infusion, to maintain similar scaling with Dexterity and Intelligence, ensuring a balanced stat spread.

Alternatively, you can use weapons like the Crystal Knife or the Ivory Sickle. Both have comparable scaling to the main weapon, allowing effective use in the offhand. While neither dagger excels individually, employing them in the offhand is likely the optimal strategy. These options provide versatility for your build.


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